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Deal: Get Amazon Music Unlimited free for 90 days

amazon music unlimited

Most of us are going to be stuck at home for a while thanks to the coronavirus outbreak. That’s the main reason why more streaming companies are offering extended free trials for their services. The latest such deal comes from Amazon. The normal Amazon Music Unlimited free trial offer has been expanded from 30 days to 90 days for a limited time. It’s perfect for music fans who will be staying inside for the next several weeks.

The free trial for the streaming audio service is for new subscribers only. After the 90-day trial ends, you’ll be charged $ 7.99 a month for the service unless you cancel before the trial period ends. This is definitely the best Amazon Music Unlimited free trial offer we have seen. Last year during Black Friday, Amazon offered the service for four months for just $ 0.99. While this is not as long of a time period, you won’t have to pay anything for 90 days with this deal.

What is Amazon Music Unlimited?

The service offers subscribers access to over 50 million songs, ad-free. You can also download songs for offline listening with unlimited skips. You can download the Amazon Music app for Android and iOS devices. The apps also include Chromecast and Alexa voice support, In addition, the service is available for PCs via web browsers.

Sign up at the link below!

Amazon Music Unlimited: Free 90-day trial

Buy it Now

Amazon Music Unlimited: Free 90-day trial Buy it Now

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Google Play Music hits 5bn downloads, but is this as good as it gets?

Google Play Music has been the official Google music streaming service for years, and it’s just hit a landmark figure on the Play Store.

The music app has reached five billion downloads on the Play Store, according to Android Police. This reportedly makes it the sixth app to cross this mark, following Chrome, Gmail, Maps, Search, and YouTube.

It’s worth noting that all these apps are pre-installed on Android devices, boosting the listed download figures in the process.

Editor’s Pick

Unfortunately, this could be the apex of Google Play Music’s growth, as Google will pre-install YouTube Music instead of Play Music on future Android phones. Google confirmed the news on the YouTube blog last month, saying all new devices launching with Android 10 and Android Pie will offer the app out of the box.

Hopefully Google keeps Play Music around until YouTube Music achieves feature parity at the very least. Right now, the new app lacks Play Music’s cloud locker functionality, the ability to halt autoplay, and sleep timer functionality, to name a few features.

What would it take for you to use YouTube Music? Let us know in the comments!

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Google Play Music podcasts coming April 18?


So, all the way back in October 2015, Google announced that their all-around music streaming service Google Music would soon have podcast functionality. And then we heard literally nothing on the subject for half a year. Now it seems like this pipe dream is actually becoming a reality, as some sources are reporting that podcasts are coming to Google Music as early as this coming Monday.

Google MusicSee also: Google Music’s Scan and Match replacing explicit songs with SFW versions1

The way this news came out is that apparently Google released this embargoed information to staff members of NPR. Someone within NPR leaked the email, and Android Police announced that podcast capability would be arriving on the 18th. An excerpt from the email:

Google will launch podcasts on Android and other platforms next Monday, April 18, inside of Google Play Music, a streaming service similar to Apple Music. Please note: this information is embargoed and should not be shared or promoted externally until Monday. NPR has worked with Google to ensure that public radio is represented in the Google Play environment. Learn more about adding your station’s podcasts to this new platform.

So it looks like this is the real scoop. The news comes as a relief to users like myself who have found themselves listening to fewer podcasts than they would like after moving over to Google Play Music since the app historically hasn’t supported them natively. This update will probably be what finally gets me back into the second season of Serial.

What are your thought on Google Play Music receiving podcast capability? Does this not really affect you, or are you grateful to be able to move back to using one app for all your audio needs instead of splitting it between two? Let us know your take in the comments, and stay tuned to Android Authority for all the updates on your favorite apps.

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Google Play Newsstand and Play Music reach new countries – Japan, Thailand and Malaysia


It seems Google chose an odd day to announce availability of Play Newsstand and Play Music in new markets. It might make sense, though, as everyone already had their eyes set on said company today. The more announcements the merrier, and we know today’s new supported markets will definitely be happy to see Newsstand and Play Music coming around.

Google Play Newsstand is heading over to Japan, Malaysia and Thailand. People in these markets will now be able to access magazines and newspapers, subscribe to them and more. Information is key, and moving to a digital world shouldn’t have to mean abandoning these publications.

On the other hand, we have the awesome Google Play Music jamming on Japane devices. This is definitely good news for those who really love their streaming services. Especially considering you could use Google Play Music for free and still get much from it. If you need an extra kick you can also sign up for All Access.

This is just a quick update from the latest Google Play news. Are any of you celebrating this announcement? Hit the comments and let us know what you think of these services. They are both available today, so you should be up and running by now.

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7 best Android apps for musicians and music makers

best guitar tuner apps for Android

The mobile boom brought forth a world of opportunities to creative individuals – especially musicians. Gone are the days when these artists were bound to full studio equipment (which costs fortunes) in order to get anything done. Professional music makers still need those, but our smartphones and tablets are more than capable of taking a quantifiable load of work.

What really makes us grind our teeth here at Android Authority is the fact that Apple has had a foothold on the music industry for a long time (in terms of mobile music making, at least). This is changing, as there is a plethora of Android developers making great apps for musicians, but we need to dig deeper into the platform in order to understand what’s going on.


Apple wasn’t doing amazingly well among musicians only because of its fame and widespread support; Android devices did have a limitation, which proved to be a huge slow-down. iOS has offered audio low-latency for a long time, something Google only implemented with the introduction of Android 5.0 Lollipop, along with multi-channel audio stream mixing and USB audio support.

With these changes in place, and considering Android does own the market in terms of numbers, we are sure to see some great developers getting on board with our favorite mobile OS. In the meantime, we would like to share some great apps any musician and music maker should take a look at.

Guitar Tuner Free (previously known as Guitar Tuna)

This app’s design is great, and I love having it around to tune my instruments. Mostly because it has support for tuning multiple instruments, including guitar, bass and ukulele (my personal favorite). It includes games for learning to play, a metronome and a design that makes it a breeze to use.

Serious musicians will also love that it touts “award-winning audio technology” and “professional accuracy for advanced players”. And with over 5 million downloads, this app sure has its fair amount of popularity.



Even the best of musicians forget lyrics, so it’s always convenient to have a lyric app around, just in case you need it. This application grants access to lyrics for more than a million songs, something considered to be heaven-sent to many cover musicians around. Lyrically can even recognize the music you are playing on your phone and present the right lyrics on the screen.


Pro Metronome

Having trouble syncing to a beat? Metronomes are no longer just tools that need to sit on top of a table. You can carry it around in your pocket, thanks to the power of our smartphones. Pro Metronome was a hit on iOS, and us Android users can also take advantage of it now.

Sure, other tuning apps include metronomes, but this one is far superior. The user can choose between many timing styles. Users can also “access subdivisions, poly-rhythm settings, and create complex patterns with triplets, dotted notes, and non-standard time signatures” if they purchase the Pro version. It’s also more precise than a real, mechanical metronome, as it’s not affected by friction, air resistance and other natural factors.


RecForge Pro

Musicians love their high quality sound recording. Sound needs to be as pristine as possible, and even though mobile is not quite up there with studio standards, I have to say RecForge Pro is about the closest you can get to the real deal.

RecForge Pro is a serious audio recorder. It can record in mp3, ogg or wav, and you can convert audio files between those formats, as well. It has support for storing clips in the cloud, and one can even edit these sound clips before doing anything with them. There’s a wide array of settings and tools for making your sound as perfect as possible.

I will advice that you get a good microphone to use with your handset, as phones usually don’t have the best microphones integrated.


Walk Band

How many times have you gotten inspired during your commute to the city, without an instrument within reach to hear how well your new song ideas work out? After all, music often sounds very different in your mind than it does coming out of an instrument.

Walk Band is meant to be more of a creative music-making app, with multi-track recording and a series of digital instruments you can play around with. That’s all fun, but I use it more as a tool for translating my thoughts into sound waves when on-the-go. Maybe you will find it just as convenient, so give it a go!


DJ Studio 5

Here is one area where Android is still a bit behind, with apps like Traktor DJ putting all their chips on Apple. That’s not to say there aren’t some good DJing Android apps out there, though. One of my favorites is DJ Studio 5. It’s completely free and all they make money on are skins. No ads, no hidden charges, no catch.

DJ Studio 5 is simple enough to welcome beginners, yet it has its good share of more complex features for the advances DJs out there. You at least have to try their unique scratch system and disk physics!

Caustic 3

Sadly, we are far from getting anything similar to Garage Band, which continues to be a great tool even for some serious musicians. With that said, w can also say there are some great apps like Caustic 3 around, which allow us to create music from our mobile devices.

This app’s design is inspired by rack-mount synthesizers, which I say give it an awesome style. You can choose from a wide variety of synthesizers and different sounds. It’s fun and it’s free to use. You will need to pay $ 9.99 if you want the ability to save or export your projects, though.


Which apps do you use for making music?

Of course, this is all the opinion of one humble musician here. I am sure many of you have found great uses for other apps, and maybe you even have better alternatives to the ones I happen to love. Whatever the case may be, please do share your thoughts on the comments below.

Do you use any of these apps? Which are your favorite applications for making music?

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