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10 best indie Android apps and Android games of 2014

Best indie android apps and games 2014
As many of our regular readers know, we here at Android Authority do an indie app of the day to show off some of the good stuff that smaller developer studios (and individuals) are doing. Many of them are very good attempts but seem to be missing a little something to make them truly great but every now and then something truly special comes across the desk. In this roundup, we’ll take a look at ten of those truly special indie Android apps and games from 2014.

BitLit best Indie Android appsBitLit

[Price: Free with in app purchases]
BitLit the app still has some work that needs to be done but the premise is one of the most promising of any indie app I reviewed this year. BitLit lets you scan your bookshelf (read: physical books) and tries to find you free versions of those books in ebook format or at least tries to find them for you super cheap so you can digitize your book collection. They have a long, steep road ahead of them but the idea is just fantastic and the app is free to try if you’re interested.
Get it on Google Play
BitLit review best indie Android apps

buff knight best indie android apps and android gamesBuff Knight

[Price: Free / $ 0.99]
Buff Knight is a fun, albeit short game that mixes the infinite runner-style game play with a few RPG elements. There are two modes of game play and as you play, you unlock new items, collect gold, tap fairies, and kill bad guys. Both the free and paid version contains the core game with the paid version removing advertisements. There is also Google Play Games achievements for those who want that. It’s not a very long game but it was developed by just one guy so it’s forgivable. We hope to see a Buff Knight 2 someday.
Get it on Google Play
buff knight best indie android apps and android games

brilliant quotes best indie android appsBrilliant Quotes and Quotations

[Price: Free with in app purchases]
It’s hard to believe that we’re talking about a quotes app in 2014 but alas Brilliant Quotes and Quotations did well enough to get a mention here. The app is solidly designed with a calm brown and gray layout and contains 3600 quotes from over 260 visionaries. That’s roughly one quote a day for just under 10 years. It’s free with in app purchases if you’re interested and sometimes we could all use a word of wisdom.
Get it on Google Play
brilliant quotes best indie android apps

complete ear trainer best indie android apps and gamesComplete Ear Trainer

[Price: Free with in app purchases]
Complete Ear Trainer is a niche application but one that really stood out in terms of its solid design standard and unique blend of app and game. It is a reference app that teaches people how to tune and identify music notes by ear. It utilizes 150 drills over four levels and 28 chapters. However, it also has things like Google Play Games achievements and other backend elements that make it feel more like a game than a learning app. We really liked that hybrid combo and it brings a really special experience to those who use this app.
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complete ear trainer best indie android apps and games

godville best indie android apps and gamesGodville

[Price: Free with in app purchases]
Godville is a unique text-based game where you play the roll of God and you watch over a warrior. The warrior “tweets” his thoughts and adventures and you read them and react. You can perform miracles, punishments, and try to control the character. He may or may not listen and you may punish or reward him accordingly. There is no game play whatsoever so it may bore some people but it’s still very interesting and surprisingly fun considering that you don’t actually have to do anything.
Get it on Google Play
godville best indie android apps and games

oops applock best indie android apps and android gamesOops! AppLock

[Price: Free with in app purchases]
Oops! AppLock is a very unique security application. What it does is lock selected applications behind a fake splash screen and the only way to unlock it is to enter the code. The code can be set by the user and uses the volume keys. An example of a code would be volume up, volume up, volume down, volume down. Users can create their own custom images that pop up or leave them as they are to make unsuspecting nosy people think the app froze or crashed. It’s a little rough around the edges but effective.
Get it on Google Play
oops applock best indie android apps and android games

Payback 2 best indie android apps and android gamesPayback 2

[Price: Free with in app purchases]
Payback 2 is a perfect example of what happens when you base your game around the idea of having constant chaos. Players can play online or solo in various game modes such as races and all out deathmatches. Each match takes place in an open world that players can actively explore although it’s not always recommended because usually other players are trying to kill you. There is a variety of weapons and vehicles as well as weekly, daily, and hourly challenges to try to keep things fresh.
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Payback 2 best indie android apps and android games

potential beta best indie android apps and android gamesPotential beta

[Price: Free]
Potential Beta is an Android app that allows you to sync the Bluetooth, Wi-Fi, and battery status across all of your devices. You can also toggle Wi-Fi and Bluetooth on those other devices if you so choose which is a nice touch. This is definitely a fun management app if you have multiple devices, has a decent design, and it’s also free. Recent updates also added Android Wear support, a Chrome extension, and more.
Get it on Google Play
potential beta best indie android apps and android games

roughanimator best indie android apps and gamesRoughAnimator

[Price: $ 1.99]
RoughAnimator has been a favorite of mine since I reviewed it. It’s a drawing app that lets you draw the various frames in an animation then put them together to create a short animated video. It works best on tablets and large phones (and with a stylus). It has a host of basic animation features and in many cases, the biggest limitation is only your imagination. It’s not a professional grade animation app but it definitely comes closer than pretty much everything else in the Play Store right now.
Get it on Google Play

stuffmerge best indie android apps and gamesStuffMerge Clipboard Composer

[Price: Free]
Last up this year is StuffMerge Clipboard Composer. This new and unique take on the copy/paste mechanism allows you to compose notes and lists using the stuff that you copy around your device. Then you can choose to send or share that note or list to others via the usual sources. It’s definitely a niche app but the frequent copy/paster can find a lot of uses for an app like this. It’s also totally free so it doesn’t hurt to check it out.
Get it on Google Play
stuffmerge best indie android apps and games

Wrap up

If we missed any lesser known, indie Android apps or Android games, let us know in the comments!

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Krypton Anonymous Browser – Indie app of the day

Krypton Anonymous Browser review

What is Krypton Anonymous Browser

Krypton Anonymous Browser is a privacy-oriented browser with some strong features and a real stance on your privacy. It comes bundled with Tor so you know they’re very serious about it. It’s currently free in the Google Play Store with no in app purchases.

In terms of functionality, Krypton Anonymous Browser works pretty much like you would expect. It browses websites and all that jazz and it does so relatively well. We didn’t run into any issues there. The real story is the privacy side of things. Krypton is essentially Incognito Mode but without a regular mode so the browser never saves your cookies or keeps track of your web history and that makes it perfect for people who want it for privacy reasons.

Along with that comes 1-touch Tor support. You can activate that and it further hides your web surfing from prying eyes. Since Tor essentially routes your IP all over the place, you can use this not just for privacy, but getting around censorship if you live in a region where that is an issue. The app itself follows a fairly basic design that is easy to use and looks good. Lastly, the app is open source so you can see the core app and how it works.

Krypton Anonymous Browser

One of the most privacy minded browser I’ve ever seen.

  • It comes bundled with Tor which can be activated with one touch.
  • Uses a bunch of privacy-minded stuff like HTTPS on every website and other behind-the-scenes tools to keep things as private as possible.
  • The UI isn’t bad and the browser works as expected.
  • Free with no in app purchases.
  • Open source.
  • Bugs and glitches here and there. Nothing really major but it may cause issues for some.
  • When you use any browser that blocks ads and trackers, many websites will start to act a little loopy. Your mileage may vary.


Overall, the privacy minded can’t find a browser that’s much better than this. There is a bit of a learning curve because a lot of these kinds of privacy tools require a bit more than just a wink and a wave. There are also some bugs here and there but most of those will probably get ironed out eventually.

google play

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U Messenger – Indie app of the day

U Messenger review

What is U Messenger?

U Messenger is a messaging platform that has a ton of features. This includes photo sharing, stickers, voice messages, texts, and some more unique features we’ll get into here in a moment. It’s currently free in the Google Play Store.

U Messenger has a lot of features. You can text people like your standard messaging apps or you can send photos like you can in apps like Snapchat. Group messaging is supported for pretty much all features which is a bonus and you can use things like audio messages and stickers which are also nice bonuses. The interface is classy even if it doesn’t follow the Android design guidelines.

By far the most interesting features of U Messenger are the additional features. There is a feature called Recall that allows you to delete messages even after they’re sent. That means if you make a mistake and need to take it back, you have the opportunity to do so. It removes it from both your device and their device. The Break Up feature is an extension of that and deletes all history on both your device and their device.

There is also a self destruct feature that deletes content after a set time frame much like Snapchat and Delay Send which sends messages at specific times or dates. A fun use for Delay Send would be to have a birthday message prepared in advance and the app will send it on its own. When you combine it, you have one of the more complete messaging platforms available.

U Messenger screenshot

This is good enough to compete in the messaging space.

  • All the standard features including voice, text, picture messages, and stickers.
  • Snapchat-style self-destruct messages and Delay Send messages are a nice touch and add depth to the platform.
  • The ability to delete messages from both yours and their devices (and vice versa) is awesome and a consistently sought after feature.
  • Free to use. No in app purchases.
  • Group messaging.
  • There are some bugs that still need to be worked on including country-specific issues.
  • Prepare to go through that ‘hey, you should use this messaging app’ discussion with your friends.
  • The interface is good but it could be better.


Overall, it’s worth trying this out. As with any other messaging platform, you’ll have to convince your friends and family to try it along with you but that’s a hurdle of all messaging platforms. There are a lot of solid features here and we imagine that the issues will be worked out over time. It’s also totally free.

google play

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RoughAnimator – Indie app of the day

What is RoughAnimator?

RoughAnimator is an animation application that lets you draw things and then play them back to create animations. It has advanced drawing tools as well as some basic video tools to help you create those animations. It’s currently $ 1.99 in the Google Play Store.

Here’s how it works. You start with a blank palate and a bunch of controls. You can select your brush size, color, and type and start drawing. Then you hit the button to go to the next frame. You’ll see an outline of your previous drawing so you can draw over the parts that need to be the same and add new parts where necessary. Once done you can play back the entire animation. It’s quite of bit of fun to play with. Especially if you’re already into animation.

There are some more advanced controls. Like you can go frame by frame without the outline if all you need to do is color in your creations. The various brush types, colors, and sizes allow you to do charming pencil drawings or something more modern if you prefer. You can also import audio into RoughAnimator if you want your animation to have sound. It’s not totally full featured but it definitely has enough features to have fun with and there really aren’t many apps like this available.

RoughAnimator review

More powerful than it looks, very fun to use!

  • Allows you to create video animations.
  • Tools like various brushes, sizes, and colors give you a lot of control and options.
  • Extra stuff like audio support is a nice touch.
  • Has enough advanced features to be interesting and fun.
  • If you don’t have a stylus, this app is orders of magnitude less fun.
  • If you don’t have a tablet, this app is orders of magnitude less fun.
  • It’s very new so there are probably bugs and issues that haven’t been found yet.


The difficult part of this app is that it’s impossible to test out all of its functionality inside of the refund time. Thankfully it’s only $ 1.99USD which isn’t that much so you shouldn’t feel overly bad if you try it and don’t like it. During testing, we didn’t see any major problems and it really was a lot of fun. If you’re interested, then click the button below to check it out.

google play

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Lollipop Launcher – Indie app of the day

Lollipop Launcher review

What is Lollipop Launcher?

Lollipop Launcher is a a home screen replacement launcher that is based on the latest Google Now Launcher. The developers have found success creating modified versions of Google’s stock launchers before with Holo Launcher which has garnered over one million downloads to date. It’s currently free in the Google Play Store with no in app purchases.

Because Lollipop Launcher is based on Google Now Launcher, most people have a pretty good idea of how this app works because it works a lot like Google Now Launcher. Things like changing wallpapers, the app drawer, and even the “Okay, Google” integration is all there. A couple of the non-Google features include icon pack support, infinite home screen scrolling, the ability to create multiple docks and scroll between them, and gesture support.

Much like Google Now Launcher, Lollipop Launcher is pretty fast and stable. It doesn’t have the kind of features you’d see on Nova, Apex, or Action Launcher but we’re pretty sure keeping the package slim was kind of the point. It really is Google Now Launcher with a few desirable features built in and that’s not a bad thing. Not everyone needs a feature list that takes 20 minutes to read.

Lollipop Launcher screenshot

Google Now Launcher with a little bit of sauce on it.

  • Includes most Google Now Launcher features such as ‘Okay, Google’ integration on the home screen.
  • Icon pack support and gesture controls.
  • The ability to create and scroll through multiple docks is a nice touch.
  • Supports Android 4.0 and up.
  • Free with no in app purchases…for now.
  • If you wanted something with a bunch of features, you may be better off with Nova, Apex, Action Launcher.
  • It’s newer, which means a little buggy on some devices. This will likely clear up in time.


Overall, Lollipop Launcher is a good launcher. It has the features everyone wanted out of Google Now Launcher with a few things that everyone wanted in Google Now Launcher. It is free although the previous iteration (Holo Launcher) did eventually get a paid version so this one may get a paid version as well. Until then, if you’ve been looking for Google Now Launcher with icon support, this is where you want to be.

google play

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Tingz.Me – Indie app of the day

What is Tingz.Me?

Tingz.Me is an application that helps you discover applications. According to the app description, it’s an app discovery platform that tailors its recommendations based on what you search for and what you like. It’s free to use with no in app purchases.

Here’s how it works. You download the application, open it, and it’ll show you a cursory set of recommendations. Then the app will work in the background as you live your life and occasionally toss you more apps that may be of use to you based on your interests. It’s a classic “fire and forget” kind of app in that it does most of the work while you’re not paying any attention to it.

During our testing, the app seemed to work pretty well. I installed it on my test device which is a veritable hodgepodge of apps and games and it seemed to toss out recommendations based on those things. For instance, I reviewed a lock screen app earlier this week and one of the recommendations was for another lock screen app and for Dashclock, a widget that goes on your lock screen. That means the service does work but you do need to give it time to figure things out. Especially if you’re like and you install a lot of apps or you have a lot of interests.

TingzMe screenshot review

Let it find some apps for you.

  • Recommendation system based on your searches and installed apps works fairly well a good amount of the time.
  • Free to use with no in app purchases.
  • Very simple to use. Just open the app and forget about it. Check back every now and then for new recommendations.
  • Over time, you may find quite a few useful apps.
  • It has a slow start and its easy to turn away from it early on. Initially, it only recommended four apps to me.
  • The interface is a little simple but it’s also a little bit dated. Not a horrible thing but things like app icons appear in low resolution and that’s just sloppy.


Overall, Tingz.Me is a fun little app to have. It won’t change your life and it doesn’t compare to the Google Play Store in most cases. However, with all the apps on the Play Store, it does get hard to find stuff you like once you’ve exhausted all the most popular options. It’s free to use with no in app purchases so it can’t hurt to try it out.

google play

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Source: Tingz.Me (Google Play Store);
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