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Readers’ Choice: What’s the best smartphone of 2019? (Update: Final two!)

Update: Tuesday, December 24, 2019: We asked you to vote on YouTube and Twitter to decide which two Best of Android Readers’ Choice smartphones would make it to the final round. Out of nearly 31,000 total votes, the results are in:

  1. Samsung Galaxy Note 10 Plus: 13,785 votes (45% of overall votes)
  2. OnePlus 7T Pro: 8,857 votes (29% of overall votes)
  3. Samsung Galaxy S10 Plus: 4,570 votes (14% of overall votes)
  4. OnePlus 7T: 3,966 votes (12% of overall votes)

Before you leave, we still need your help! We’ve published two more polls on Facebook and Instagram (found below) to crown the overall winner between the Samsung Galaxy Note 10 Plus and OnePlus 7T Pro. Cast your vote in the polls below, and come back tomorrow to see which phone wins the Best of Android 2019 Readers’ Choice Award!

It’s hard to believe it, but 2019 is finally coming to a close. Earlier this year, you voted on the best smartphone of early 2019, but now it’s time to crown the final champion of the year!

There are many factors that go into deciding what’s worthy of being called “the best.” On Friday, we announced our picks for the Best of Android, based solely on objective testing across several categories including display, battery, camera, performance, and audio. There’s more to a good phone than just the hardware, however. Objective testing only tells one side of the story and doesn’t account for intangibles like software update frequency, user interface, or even value for money. To address this, we also brought you our Editors’ Choice pick for the Best of Android. But what about our readers? Now it’s your turn to have a say.

The Best of Android Readers’ Choice Award gives our readers the opportunity to crown the phone you collectively feel stood out as the best of 2019.

Best of Android Readers’ Choice: Here’s how it works

What’s the best phone according to our readers? We’re bringing the choice to readers on the site, as well as to those who follow us on social. This will happen in three phases:

  • Day 1 (today): To kick things off, you’ll find a pool of 12 phones (below) that performed well in our objective testing. It’s up to you to pick your favorite and help us narrow down the options. The poll will be live for 24 hours.
  • Day 2 (December 23): We’ll follow up with a Twitter and YouTube Community polls that will consist of a shorter list of four phones narrowed down from the top performers from today’s vote.
  • Day 3 (December 24): On day three, we will post the two finalists in polls on Facebook and Instagram.
  • Day 4 (Christmas Day): On Christmas Day, we’ll formally announce the top winner.

Best of Android Readers’ Choice: Cast your vote!

Head to our Instagram Story to vote for the two finalists.

Also, please be sure to vote on Facebook:

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Best Apple Black Friday 2019 deals

Apple iPhone logo

When it comes to the biggest shopping period of the year, there’s not a ton of love when it comes to Apple Black Friday sales. The folks in Cupertino do offer a few deals and discounts on some products, but for the most part they don’t go quite as nuts on the price cuts as other companies do this time of year.

However, that doesn’t mean there aren’t some great deals to be found on the interwebs. Here’s what we know will be available for Apple Black Friday deals this week, with more upcoming price cuts that will go live during the week.

Apple Black Friday gift card offer

Apple Logo

Officially, the only Apple Black Friday/Cyber Monday deal the company is offering directly is giving out Apple Store gift cards. From Friday, November 29 to Monday, December 2, Apple will give out Apple Store gift cards of up to $ 200 with sales of “select products’. Apple has yet to reveal just which products you will have to buy to get those gift cards. We will update this post when that information is revealed.

Apple Black Friday iPhone deals

iPhone 11 product shot

The iPhone remains the top-selling smartphone brand. For the Black Friday holiday week, wireless carriers and retailers are offering discounts on various iPhone models.

Apple iPhone XR

$ 299 .00 Save $ 300 .00

Buy it Now

Apple iPhone 6S

$ 99 .00 Save $ 50 .00

Buy it Now

Apple iPhone 6S Plus

$ 149 .00 Save $ 50 .00

Buy it Now

Apple iPhone XS

$ 634 .86 Save $ 665 .13

Buy it Now

Apple iPhone 7

$ 199 .00 Save $ 50 .00

Buy it Now

Apple iPhone 8

$ 294 .99 Save $ 45 .00

Buy it Now

Apple Watch Black Friday deals

Apple Watch Series 4

If you want to get your hands on an Apple Watch, there are a few deals available for people who want to save some cash on Apple’s popular smartwatch and fitness tracker.

Apple Watch Series 4

$ 299 .00 Save $ 50 .00

Buy it Now

Apple Watch Series 5 (44mm)

$ 409 .00 Save $ 20 .00

Buy it Now

Apple Watch Series 5 (40mm)

$ 379 .00 Save $ 20 .00

Buy it Now

There are many more Apple Watch Series 4 deals through Best Buy, and you can check them all out here.

iPad Deals

iPad Pro 9.7 homescreen showing apps

Apple remains the king of the tablet market with its various versions of the iPad. Let’s look at some of the Black Friday deals on versions of the iPad

Apple iPad (10.2-inch, 32GB)

$ 249 .00 Save $ 80 .00

Buy it Now

Apple iPad (10.2-inch, 128GB)

$ 349 .99 Save $ 50 .00

Buy it Now

Apple iPad Pro (12.9 inch)

$ 899 .00 Save $ 100 .00

Buy it Now

MacBook Deals

Yes, Apple still makes Mac OS notebooks. Here’s a look at some of the Black Friday deals on MacBooks that are currently available.

MacBook Air


Apple MacBook Air

$ 899 .99 Save $ 199 .01

Buy it Now

Apple MacBook Pro (15-inch)

$ 2349 .00 Save $ 450 .00

Buy it Now

Apple MacBook Pro (13-inch)

$ 1099 .99 Save $ 199 .01

Buy it Now

Apple TV, headphones and other deals

Want to buy an Apple TV set-top box to watch Apple TV Plus? How about a set of Beats headphones or Apple Airpods for your ears? Black Friday shopping week has some deals to check out right now.

Apple TV 4K

$ 184 .00 Save $ 15 .00

Buy it Now

Beats Solo 3

$ 115 .99 Save $ 184 .00

Buy it Now


$ 79 .95 Save $ 20 .00

Buy it Now

Apple AirPods Pro

$ 234 .98 Save $ 14 .02

Buy it Now

PowerBeats Pro

$ 199 .99 Save $ 50 .00

Buy it Now

Beats by Dr. Dre Powerbeats³ Wireless Earbuds

$ 99 .99 Save $ 100 .00

Buy it Now

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The best refurbished phones: What are they, and where can you get them?

Nokia phones

It’s getting more and more expensive to buy high-end smartphones these days. Unless you wait for special sales and promotions, you can end up paying a ton and it’s not uncommon to even break the $ 1,000 threshold. That’s why many consumers are opting for refurbished phones to save some money.

In this article, we will take a look at what the term refurbished phone actually means, and what different companies have on offer. As you’ll see, refurbished phones are actually quite common. But you need to do a bit more research than you might be used to. You want to make sure you’re actually buying what’s advertised.

What are refurbished phones, anyway?

Refurbished phones come with some stigma. The lower prices implies, to some, that there’s something wrong with the phone. You may also have seen refurbished phones presented as “pre-owned,” “renewed,” or “reconditioned”. You might even see an “open box” phone. These are all interchangeable terms describing the same thing.

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All of these terms mean that someone previously purchased the phone, then returned to the maker, wireless carrier, or retailer. Most times there was nothing wrong with refurbished phones even before they were “repaired”; the person may have simply decided that they didn’t want it. In other cases, the refurbished phone did have some kind of hardware problem, like a display that popped out or a cracked case. In that case, the phone was fixed and sold again as a “refurbished” item.

But what does “manufacturer refurbished” mean? The difference with a manufacturer refurbished phone is that the repairs that were needed to get it up to “like new” condition were done directly by the original manufacturer, as opposed to a third party. As you can imagine, this is typically preferred but third-party refurbished phones usually are still a good deal. Just shop carefully.

When it comes to refurbished phones vs new phones , there’s really no other difference beyond the fact it was lightly used before coming into your ownership. A refurbished phone should work just like new. It’s not technically a “new” phone anymore, so the term “refurbished” signals that distinction. The person who bought the phone originally may have never even used it. They may have even left it in its original packaging. That’s why refurbished phones can be such a great deal — they’re basically like new, but you get them at a discount.

Here’s what to keep in mind when shopping for refurbished phones

refubrished phone cameras

If you want to save some money by going the refurbished route, you need to keep some things in mind. In fact, you’ll want to do more research than if you were buying a new device.

  • Check for a warranty – If the refurbished phone you want truly has no issues, the smartphone maker or retailer will include some kind of warranty with the purchase. If it doesn’t come with a warranty, there’s a bigger chance something will be wrong with it out of the box.
  • Try to buy one from the company that originally made the phone – Many times, a phone manufacturer will have some handsets that are perfectly fine. The original owner returned them for some unknown reason. They’ll often try to resell them as refurbished phones on their official website. This is probably the easiest way for you to save some money.
  • Always read the fine print – You should do this anyway with any large purchase, but it’s especially important when you’re buying a refurbished phone. A common red flag is a phone marked “as is”. Reading the fine print might reveal that you can’t return the phone or get a refund if anything isn’t working.

What’s the best place to buy refurbished phones? There are actually plenty of places where you can purchase refurbished phones. They include well-known retailers, wireless carriers, and smartphone makers, along with companies that sell refurbished phones exclusively.

Best refurbished phones stores

Editor’s note: We will update this list with more refurbished phones stores as they are launched.

1. Swappa

This online second-hand shop originally only sold tablets and phones, making it a great place to find quality products. These days, the service has become even better by adding gaming, laptops, and VR to the mix. Basically, it’s sort of like eBay, in that there’s a mix of dedicated businesses and individual private sellers that you can negotiate with to find that perfect deal. The big difference is that the seller sets a price and you can simply pay it, or you can request that they lower the price.

Overall, this is a great and trustworthy place to buy from.

2. Gazelle

gazelle logo

This is one of the best places to buy refurbished phones, or at least the best known. They also buy old phones from consumers and fix them to sell, naturally, at a discount. The company says it doesn’t sell these phones unless they are “fully functional” and have been through a 30-point quality inspection. You can also return any phone you buy on Gazelle within 30 days of purchase and get your money back. It lacks a formal warranty, but Gazelle has a solid reputation for offering high-quality refurbished phones at great discounts.

3. Decluttr

declutter logo

The folks at Decluttr want you to sell your old phone, and then possibly buy a “new” refurbished phone from them. The store offers a 12-month limited warranty on all the phones they sell. Also, their refurbished phones undergo a 70-point inspection before they go on sale on its site. Of course, you can sell your old phones and Decluttr may even take them if they are broken in some way. 

4. Amazon Refurbished Phones

amazon refurbished phones

It’s not a shock to learn that Amazon, the world’s largest online retailer, is also a great place to shop for refurbished phones. Like Gazelle, Amazon buys old phones from consumers, offering Amazon gift cards as payment. It then resells the older phones after testing them and making them both work and look like new. They also come with at least a 90-day supplier warranty.

5. Best Buy

Best Buy logo

Best Buy joins Gazelle and Amazon by offering a trade-in program for consumers to turn in older phones in exchange for Best Buy gift cards. The retailer also sells refurbished phones on its website, along with what it calls “pre-owned” phones. If a phone on Best Buy has that label, it means it is “fully functional with some cosmetic blemishes” and comes with a non-original package with a charger and a data cable, along with a 90-day warranty. A refurbished phone at Best Buy has been “repaired and restored to a like-new state” and also comes with its accessories, along with a warranty.

6-8 Sprint, AT&T and Verizon

Verizon Wireless logo stock image 8

A number of U.S. wireless carriers (including AT&T, Verizon, and Sprint) sell some refurbished phones, although their selection tends to be pretty small compared to Gazelle, Amazon and Best Buy. However, they are all certified to work like new phones, even if some of them might have some cosmetic blemishes. These won’t affect their functionality.

9. eBay

ebay headquarters Decante

If you are willing to do a little more research, and also more willing to take a risk on merchants that you may not be familiar with, eBay is a great place to check out a ton of refurbished phones. Again, our rules for buying such phones really matter when you dive into the murky waters of eBay. Make sure the phone you are buying has some kind of warranty, and be sure to check out any fine print before spending your hard-earned cash.

10. Samsung

If you are a Samsung phone fan, you might be pleased to know that the company actively sells refurbished Galaxy phones on its website. At a significant discount too. The good news is that Samsung’s technicians have fixed these older phones. And the company offers a one-year warranty, new headphones, and a charger. The bad news is that these refurbished phones are older than the company’s current phones.

So should you consider refurbished vs new? The answer comes down to how you feel about using something that isn’t technically new. As you can see, there are tons of options out there if you want to save yourself some money. You’ll have to do more research to make sure you get a refurbished phone that’s up to your standards. But that may be a small price to pay for the cash you’ll save in the long run.

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The 10 best drama movies on Netflix you can stream right now

The King movie drama on Netflix

Netflix is full of movies, TV shows, documentaries, and more. There’s lots to navigate, making the right movie somewhat hard to find. If you’re in the mood for a tear-jerking or knuckle-whitening drama, have we got the list for you. Here are the ten best drama movies on Netflix you can stream right now, from old favorites to recent releases you might have missed.

Don’t have Netflix? You can start a free trial by clicking the button below:

Best drama movies on Netflix:

Editor’s note: We will update this list of the best drama movies on Netflix regularly as the service rotates its library.

1. The King

The King movie on Netflix

This movie follows the story of Hal, also known as King Henry V. After trying to escape royal life most of his life, he is forced to take the throne after his father dies. The rightful heir to the throne must now deal with politics and everything that comes with ruling. He is also found in the middle of a war his tyrannical father left behind. The leader needs to adapt to the new life while he settles personal matters.

2. Bird Box

Bird Box

Consider this Netflix’s nod to A Quiet Place. Instead of tiptoeing and keeping quiet to avoid blind monsters, humans must wear blindfolds when going outside. A single look at these supernatural entities drives humans insane to the point of suicide.

The story follows Malorie Hayes (Sandra Bullock) and her two children. They’re heading downstream in a rowing boat packed with a blanket, supplies, and blindfolds. Their goal is to reach a sanctuary, but the journey won’t be easy.

3. Lincoln

Lincoln movie on Netflix

Steven Spielberg serves up this historical drama chronicling Abraham Lincoln’s fight to end slavery. The movie opens at the beginning of Lincoln’s second term as he ponders over the Civil War’s coming end, and how his Emancipation Proclamation of 1863 doesn’t make slavery illegal. He aims to create the Thirteenth Amendment before the war ends and Southern slaves return to servitude.

The movie chronicles Lincoln’s (Daniel Day-Lewis) struggles to win over the House of Representatives and pass his proposed amendment. Meanwhile, Lincoln goes through issues of his own at home.

4. Mudbound

Mudbound drama movie on Netflix

Based on the novel by Hillary Jordan, this movie focuses on two World War II veterans who return home. Jamie McAllan (Garrett Hedlund) served as an Army pilot flying the B-25 Mitchell bomber and suffers from PTSD. Ronsel Jackson (Jason Mitchell) commanded a Sherman tank in the Army’s infantry and is now a defiant man.

However, Jamie’s family owns a farm outside Marietta, Mississippi, where Ronsel’s family works. Ronsel’s dad tends to the cotton fields, while mom is the McAllan’s housekeeper. The two veterans become friends, but racism still runs deep in the McAllan family blood.

5. El Camino: A Breaking Bad Movie

El Camino movie on Netflix. Breaking Bad side film.

Breaking Bad is a massively popular TV show, and fans can now find closure in El Camino: A Breaking Bad Movie. This film follow Jesse Pinkman after the events in Breaking Bad’s finale. As a fugitive he must now escape from a massive police operation and his past.

Jesse is trying to get out of Albuquerque, but needs a hefty amount of money to do so. Watch the movie to find out how he deals with everything!

6. Pulp Fiction

Pulp Fiction movie drama on Netflix

This crime drama mixes gore with humor to create three stories told out of sequence. Stealing the show are hitmen Jules Winnfield (Samuel L. Jackson) and Vincent Vega (John Travolta), along with prizefighter Butch Coolidge (Bruce Willis). At the center is gangster Marsellus Wallace (Ving Rhames) who controls all three.

In the Jules Winnfield’s story, Wallace sends his two hitmen to retrieve a briefcase carrying something glowing inside. In the Butch Coolidge story, Wallace tells him to purposely lose an upcoming fight, but Coolage accidentally kills his opponent, sending him on the run from Wallace.

7. Roma

Roma movie on Netflix

Cleodegaria “Cleo” Gutierrez (Yalitza Aparicio) is one of two live-in housekeepers in a family’s home located in Mexico City’s Colonia Roma neighborhood. Antonio (Fernando Grediaga) is a doctor, while his wife Sofia (Marina de Tavira) stays home with their four children. Sofia’s mother Teresa (Veronica Garcia) lives in the home too along with the other live-in housekeeper, Adela (Nancy Garcia). With all these people living elbow-to-elbow under one roof, everyone — at least all the adults — knows your business.

This family drama focuses on Cleo as she struggles with pregnancy and locks down the baby’s daddy.

8. Room

Room movie on netflix

Based on Emma Donoghue’s novel, we are introduced to Jack (Jacob Tremblay) celebrating his fifth birthday. He lives with his mom (Brie Larson) in a tiny soundproof shed they call “Room” complete with a tiny kitchenette, a bed, a toilet, a sink, a bathtub, a television, and a skylight serving as their only window. They’re locked away by Jack’s biological father, Old Nick (Sean Bridgers).

Jack doesn’t realize there’s an outside. He’s led to believe Room is his entire world. Moreover, he doesn’t know Old Nick abducted his mother, Joy, seven years ago.

9. Schindler’s List

Schindlers list

Here’s another historical drama by Steven Spielberg. Based on Schindler’s Ark written by Thomas Keneally, the story follows businessman Oskar Schindler (Liam Neeson) of Czechoslovakia who arrives in Krakow, Poland, seeking fortune during World War II. He acquires a factory to produce enamelware for the German army, pleasing the Nazis.

Once Amon Göth (Ralph Fiennes) — one of Hitler’s Nazi butchers — arrives to build a concentration camp, he kills everyone within the Krakow Ghetto, a walled zone housing the Jewish population. The massacre changes Schindler’s view of his Jewish factory workers.

10. The Boy in the Striped Pajamas


The Boy in the Striped Pajamas tells the story of two boys. One is the child of a Nazi officer overseeing a concentration camp during World War II, and the other a Jewish child imprisoned in the camps.

The movie runs a pretty serious risk of equivocating the experiences of the victims of the Holocaust with those of its perpetrators (which, uh, yikes), but it still offers a pretty compelling look at how inflicting harm can cause both expected and unexpected trauma. On top of that, the ending twist is so sad it borders on emotionally manipulative.

That concludes our list of the best drama movies on Netflix you can stream right now. We’ll update this post with new titles once they launch on the streaming service.

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The best waterproof phones you can buy (November 2019)

Samsung Galaxy Note 10 camera module closeup

Smartphones that can handle being dropped in a bucket of water or getting caught in the rain aren’t as rare as they used to be. More and more smartphone manufacturers are launching waterproof phones with IP67 and IP68 ratings, which shouldn’t be rendered useless if they get submerged in water by accident. While technically no phone is completely waterproof, a lot of them will survive a dip in a pool for as long as 30 minutes. Here are the best ones.

Best waterproof phones:

Editor’s note: We’ll be updating this list of the best waterproof phones regularly as new devices launch.

1. Samsung Galaxy Note 10 series

Samsung Galaxy Note 10 Plus back upright 6

The Galaxy Note 10 and Note 10 Plus are IP68 rated for protection against water and dust. But they’re more than just water-resistant devices, as you’re also getting a Snapdragon 855 or Exynos 9825 processor, an S Pen stylus, and a triple-camera setup at the very least (the Note 10 Plus gets a ToF camera too).

As for other major differences between the two phones, the Note 10 Plus has a larger, sharper screen (6.8-inch QHD+ versus the Note 10’s 6.3-inch FHD+ panel), a bigger battery (4,300mAh versus 3,500mAh), and an optional 512GB variant.

There are a couple of disappointing omissions here, though. The Galaxy Note 10 doesn’t have a microSD card slot, while both devices lack a headphone jack. If these two features are deal-breakers for you, one of the Galaxy S10 phones (they’re on this list too, just wait) should be more up your alley.

Samsung Galaxy Note 10 specs:

  • Display: 6.3-inch, FHD+
  • SoC: SD 855 or Exynos 9825
  • RAM: 8/12GB
  • Storage: 256GB
  • Cameras: 16, 12, and 12MP
  • Front camera: 10MP
  • Battery: 3,500mAh
  • Software: Android 9.0 Pie

Samsung Galaxy Note 10 Plus specs:

  • Display: 6.8-inch, QHD+
  • SoC: SD 855 or Exynos 9825
  • RAM: 12GB
  • Storage: 256/512GB
  • Cameras: 16, 12, 12MP, and ToF
  • Front camera: 10MP
  • Battery: 4,300mAh
  • Software: Android 9.0 Pie

2. Huawei P30 Pro

Huawei P30 Pro - a water resistant phone

The Huawei P30 Pro sports a large 6.47-inch display with curved edges, the Kirin 980 chipset, and as much as 8GB of RAM. It’s IP68 certified, meaning it can survive in up to 1.5 meters (~five feet) of water for a maximum of 30 minutes.

It’s the cameras that make the P30 Pro truly stand out.

The phone impresses in the photography department — its four rear cameras take fantastic shots, even in super low-light conditions thanks to Huawei’s Night Mode. It also comes with an in-display fingerprint scanner, has a gorgeous design, and supports wireless charging as well as reverse wireless charging.

The battery is worth a mention as well, coming in at a massive 4,200mAh. Our very own David Imel got between 9-10 hours of screen-on time during his testing, which is well above average. All these things combined make the P30 Pro one of the best waterproof phones you can currently get. And since it was released before the Huawei ban debacle, future software updates are expected to be unaffected.

Huawei P30 Pro specs:

  • Display: 6.47-inch, QHD+
  • SoC: Kirin 980
  • RAM: 6/8GB
  • Storage: 128/256/512GB
  • Cameras: 40, 20, 8MP, and ToF
  • Front camera: 32MP
  • Battery: 4,200mAh
  • Software: Android 9.0 Pie

3. Samsung Galaxy S10 series

Samsung Galaxy S10e, S10, S10 Plus - waterproof phones

The Galaxy S10 Plus, S10, and S10e are all IP68 rated for protection against water and dust. They all also feature wireless charging, have a headphone jack, and sport a punch-hole display for a modern look.

The Galaxy S10 Plus offers the most of the three phones. It has the largest display, the biggest battery, and two front-facing cameras instead of one. Most of its other specs and features, including the in-display fingerprint scanner and the triple-camera setup, are the same as those of the regular Galaxy S10.

The Galaxy S10e offers the least when it comes to specs and features, but it’s still a suitable phone for power users. It has the smallest display, sports two rear cameras, and comes with a side-mounted fingerprint scanner. It’s powered by the same chipset as its two larger brothers.

Samsung Galaxy S10e specs:

  • Display: 5.8-inch, Full HD+
  • SoC: SD 855 or Exynos 9820
  • RAM: 6/8GB
  • Storage: 128/256GB
  • Cameras: 12 and 16MP
  • Front camera: 10MP
  • Battery: 3,100mAh
  • Software: Android 9.0 Pie

Samsung Galaxy S10 specs:

  • Display: 6.1-inch, QHD+
  • Chipset: SD 855 or Exynos 9820
  • RAM: 8GB
  • Storage: 128/512GB
  • Cameras: 12, 12, and 16MP
  • Front camera: 10MP
  • Battery: 3,400mAh
  • Software: Android 9.0 Pie

Samsung Galaxy S10 Plus specs:

  • Display: 6.4-inch, QHD+
  • SoC: SD 855 or Exynos 9820
  • RAM: 8/12GB
  • Storage: 128/512GB and 1TB
  • Cameras: 12, 12, and 16MP
  • Front cameras: 10 and 8MP
  • Battery: 4,100mAh
  • Software: Android 9.0 Pie

4. Sony Xperia 1 and 5

Sony Xperia 1 with an IP68 rating

The Xperia 1 and Xperia 5 are very similar phones. The latter is the more recent of the two and comes with a 6.1-inch Full HD+ display, 6GB of RAM, and three 12MP cameras at the back. It’s IP68 rated for protection against water and dust and supports expandable storage. There’s also a side-mounted fingerprint scanner on board.

Editor’s Pick

The Sony Xperia 1 sports a larger display at 6.5 inches that offers 4K resolution. Due to its bigger footprint, it also has a slightly larger battery (3,330mAh vs. 3,140mAh). The rest of the specs, including the chipset and cameras, are exactly the same as those of the Xperia 5.

Both phones are available in the US and are quite expensive, with the Xperia 1 costing more than its smaller brother.

Sony Xperia 1 specs:

  • Display: 6.5-inch, 4K
  • SoC: Snapdragon 855
  • RAM: 6GB
  • Storage: 64/128GB
  • Cameras: 12, 12, and 12MP
  • Front camera: 8MP
  • Battery: 3,330mAh
  • Software: Android 9.0 Pie

Sony Xperia 5 specs:

  • Display: 6.1-inch, Full HD+
  • SoC: Snapdragon 855
  • RAM: 6GB
  • Storage: 128GB
  • Cameras: 12, 12, and 12MP
  • Front camera: 8MP
  • Battery: 3,140mAh
  • Software: Android 9.0 Pie

5. Google Pixel 4 and Pixel 4 XL

Google Pixel 4 and 4 XL waterproof phones

A combination of high-end specs, a great software experience, and fantastic cameras is what puts the Pixel 4 and 4 XL among the best waterproof phones on the market today. Both are IP68 rated, meaning they’ll survive in up to 1.5 meters (~five feet) of water for as long as 30 minutes.

The Pixel 4 and 4 XL are among the best phones for photography. They can capture fantastic images, even in low-light conditions thanks to Google’s Night Sight technology. They even have an Astro mode that lets you take awesome images of the stars. And as they run stock Android, they will be among the first to get updated to the latest version of the OS.

The phones are similar in terms of specs, both featuring the same chipset, cameras, and memory options. However, the Pixel 4 XL does have a larger display with a higher resolution and a bigger battery. It also costs more — check pricing via the button below.

Google Pixel 4 specs:

  • Display: 5.7-inch, Full HD+
  • SoC: Snapdragon 855
  • RAM: 6GB
  • Storage: 64/128GB
  • Camera: 12.2 and 16MP
  • Front cameras: 8MP + ToF
  • Battery: 2,800mAh
  • Software: Android 10

Google Pixel 4 XL specs:

  • Display: 6.3-inch, QHD+
  • SoC: Snapdragon 855
  • RAM: 6GB
  • Storage: 64/128GB
  • Camera: 12.2 and 16MP
  • Front cameras: 8MP and ToF
  • Battery: 3,700mAh
  • Software: Android 10

6. Razer Phone 2

water resistant Razer Phone 2

Unlike the other waterproof phones on this list, the Razer Phone 2 is IP67-rated instead of IP68, allowing it to safely stay in up to one meter (~3.3 feet) of water for a maximum of 30 minutes. The device is aimed at gamers, featuring a vapor chamber cooling system and a design that definitely stands out.

The Razer Phone 2 is equipped with two front-facing speakers for a more immersive gaming experience, a large 4,000mAh battery, and a dual-camera setup at the back. There’s only 64GB of storage available, which isn’t much for a gaming phone, but you can expand it for an additional 1TB with a microSD card. The display of the device isn’t the biggest at 5.72 inches, but it does have a 120Hz refresh rate that makes everything look smoother and more fluid.

This isn’t the most recent phone on this list, as it was announced a little more than a year ago. But it’s still worth buying, especially due to its affordable price tag.

Razer Phone 2 specs:

  • Display: 5.72-inch, IPS LCD
  • SoC: Snapdragon 845
  • RAM: 8GB
  • Storage: 64GB
  • Cameras: 12 and 12MP
  • Front camera: 8MP
  • Battery: 4,000mAh
  • Software: Android 8.1 Oreo

7. Huawei Mate 20 Pro

Huawei Mate 20 Pro up front

Like the P30 Pro, the Huawei Mate 20 Pro is also resistant to water thanks to its IP68 rating. The flagship sports an in-display fingerprint scanner, packs a large 4,200mAh battery, and supports 3D facial recognition.

Editor’s Pick

You also get wireless charging as well as reverse wireless charging, although the latter is painfully slow. There are three cameras at the back that offer a lot of versatility when taking pictures and perform extremely well in low-light situations.

Keep in mind that the phone’s successor — the Mate 30 Pro — has already been announced. It offers more than the Mate 20 Pro when it comes to specs, but we don’t recommend buying one since it doesn’t come with the Play Store or any other Google apps.

Huawei Mate 20 Pro specs:

  • Display: 6.39-inch, QHD+
  • SoC: Kirin 980
  • RAM: 6/8GB
  • Storage: 128/256GB
  • Cameras: 40, 20, and 8MP
  • Front camera: 24MP
  • Battery: 4,200mAh
  • Software: Android 9.0 Pie

8. LG G8X ThinQ

LG G8X ThinQ waterproof phone

The last model on our list of the best waterproof phones in the LG G8X ThinQ. It’s IP68-rated, so you won’t have to worry in case you drop it in the pool or get caught in the rain while making a phone call. The phone is a great choice for music lovers, as it sports a headphone jack as well as a Hi-Fi Quad DAC for an improved audio experience.

You can attach a secondary display to the LG G8X.

One of the things that make it stand out is the Dual Screen accessory, which adds a secondary screen to the device. It’s exactly the same as the main display, meaning it measures 6.4 inches and offers Full HD+ resolution. It even has a notch, although it’s just for looks, as it lacks a selfie camera.

Other specs and features of the LG G8X include an in-display fingerprint scanner, wireless charging, and the Snapdragon 855 chipset. The phone also has stereo speakers and a 4,000mAh battery.

LG G8X ThinQ specs:

  • Display: 6.4-inch, Full HD+
  • SoC: Snapdragon 855
  • RAM: 6GB
  • Storage: 128GB
  • Cameras: 12 and 13MP
  • Front camera: 32MP
  • Battery: 4,000mAh
  • Software: Android 9.0 Pie

These are our picks for the best waterproof phones you can get, although there are a lot of other great options out there as well. We’ll be sure to update this post once new models hit the market.

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The best Google Pixel 3 XL cases you can get

The Google Pixel 3 XL offers 2018 hardware, but it’s more than enough to enjoy a great smartphone experience in 2019. The big selling point of Google’s smartphone though is a slew of camera features that improve on the already fantastic camera of its predecessor. Keeping your phone safe from accidental bumps and drops is always important. To help you out, we’ve rounded up some of the best Google Pixel 3 XL cases you can get right now.

The best Pixel 3 XL cases:

Editor’s note: We will continue to update this list of the best cases for the Pixel 3 XL as more become available.

1. Spigen Rugged Armor

spigen rugged armor - best pixel 3 xl case

The Spigen Rugged Armor is one of the best Pixel 3 XL cases you can buy. It offers excellent protection without adding too much bulk or thickness by utilizing air cushion technology and a spider-web pattern on the inside for shock dispersion. A raised lip keeps the display, camera, and fingerprint scanner safe and you also get covered buttons.

2. Pixel 3 XL MNML Case


pixel 3 xl mnml mask

Looking for a thin Pixel 3 XL case? There is no thinner case than the MNML case at just 0.35 mm thick. It’s so thin that it will look and feel like you have no case at all. It doesn’t offer much drop protection, but it will protect you from the day-to-day scratches that can accumulate. The case comes in 5 different colors, including frosted black, frosted white, matte black, really blue, and red, and it’s on sale for $ 27. Get 15% off with code: 15PX3 only at MNMLCase.com

3. Caseology Waterfall

caseology waterfall transparent acrylic case

The Caseology Waterfall is a thin acrylic case that barely adds any bulk to the phone but offers military-grade protection. It’s also transparent and lets you show off the phone’s design. Covered buttons, reinforced corners, and a raised lip around the display and rear camera add to the protection as well. It’s also thin enough to let you wirelessly charge the device.

4. Supcase Unicorn Beetle Style

supcase unicorn beetle style hybrid bumper case

The Supcase Unicorn Beetle Style combines a hard polycarbonate back and a thick TPU bumper for drop protection. The scratch-resistant backing is also transparent and lets you show off the phone’s design. Elevated bezels keep the display and rear camera damage-free. You also get covered buttons and precise cutouts for everything else.

5. Ringke Fusion-X

ringke fusion-x

The Ringke Fusion-X comes with a dual-layer design that combines a hard polycarbonate shell and a thick bumper to offer MIL-STD 810G-516.6 grade protection. A raised lip keeps the display and the rear camera safe, while the sides and corners are reinforced for added drop protection. You also get a built-in lanyard hole to connect wrist and neck-straps.

6. Tudia Merge

tudia merge dual layer pixel 3 xl case

The Tudia Merge offers rugged protection for the Pixel 3 XL with its dual-layer design. It combines a soft, shock-absorbing TPU layer and a hard polycarbonate shell for all-round coverage. Precise cutouts are available and while you have covered buttons, they are easy to press. Raised bezels keep the screen and the rear camera free from scratches as well.

7. ESR metal kickstand case

esr tpu case with sturdy metal kickstand

If you’re looking for a case that isn’t bulky but still offers the convenience of a built-in kickstand, this ESR case is for you. The flexible TPU case comes with a raised lip and reinforced corners. The metal kickstand is sturdy and lets you prop up the phone in both landscape and portrait orientations, and also allows you to change the viewing angle.

8. Spigen Tough Armor

spigen tough armor rugged protection

The Spigen Tough Armor offers dual-layer protection with the combination of a soft TPU core and a hard polycarbonate shell. It’s one of the best rugged cases for the Pixel 3 XL you can get, coming with a MIL-STD 810G-516.6 certification for drop protection. The case also has a built-in kickstand that lets you prop the phone up in the landscape orientation.

9. Supcase Unicorn Beetle Pro

supcase unicorn beetle pro

The Supcase Unicorn Beetle Pro is a popular option for those looking for rugged cases. The multi-layered TPU and polycarbonate case does a great job of keeping the phone safe from accidental bumps and drops. A built-in screen protector ensures that the screen stays protected as well. The built-in kickstand lets you prop the phone up in both portrait and landscape, and it also comes with a detachable belt clip holster.

10. Otterbox Defender

otterbox defender heavy duty pixel 3 xl case

Otterbox is usually the go-to for anyone looking for a rugged case for their phone and the Defender series provides the most protection. It’s thick and bulky, with covered buttons and ports, and has a raised lip to keep the display safe. The Otterbox Defender also comes with a belt clip holster. This rugged case is expensive and will be overkill for some. If complete protection is what you want though, that’s what you get.

There you have it for this roundup of the best protective cases and covers currently available for the Google Pixel 3 XL!

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The best USB-C adapters

OnePlus 7T USB C port SIM tray and speaker

From smartphones and tablets to laptops, USB-C is finally gaining traction as the future of connectors. However, some companies took that to mean they can get rid of other ports folks have gotten used to using over the years, including HDMI, USB 3.0, and more.

If you want to restore some of those lost ports, your best choice is a USB-C adapter. It’s not ideal, but a USB-C adapter gives your device more versatility than before. Here’s our list of the best USB-C adapters you can buy today.

The best USB-C adapters:

Editor’s note: We will update our list of the best USB-C adapters over time.

1. Anker USB-C Hub Adapter

Anker USB C Hub Adapter

First up is the Anker USB-C Hub Adapter. The adapter features two USB 3.0 ports, an HDMI port, an SD card reader, and a microSD card reader. The HDMI port supports up to 4K resolution at 30fps, though it also supports 2K resolution at 60fps.

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While the port selection is nice, there’s no USB-C port. This isn’t an issue if your device has more than one USB-C port, but those with the iPad Pro, Apple MacBook, or other devices with one USB-C port should take note.

The Anker USB-C Hub Adapter is available for $ 19.99.

Check pricing

2. Satechi Slim Aluminum USB-C Multi-Port Adapter

Satechi Slim Aluminum USB C Multi Port Adapter

If you want a USB-C adapter with more ports, take a look at the Satechi Slim Aluminum USB-C Multi-Port Adapter.

The adapter features six ports: two for USB 3.0, one for microSD cards, one for SD cards, one for HDMI, and one for USB-C. The USB-C port supports the Power Delivery charging protocol and delivers up to 60W of output.

The Satechi Slim Aluminum USB-C Multi-Port Adapter is available for $ 69.99.

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3. Vava USB-C Hub Adapter

Vava USB C Hub Adapter

Just in case you aren’t satisfied with six ports, the Vava USB-C Hub Adapter features eight ports.

The ports include two USB 3.0 ports, one USB 2.0 port, an HDMI port, two microSD and SD card readers, a gigabit Ethernet port, a USB-C port with support for 49W input, and even a headphone jack. The headphone jack is particularly useful for iPad Pro owners, since the iPad Pro doesn’t have a 3.5mm port.

The Vava USB-C Hub Adapter is available for $ 39.99.

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4. HyperDrive Duo 7-in-2

HyperDrive USB C Hub

Because the HyperDrive Duo 7-in-2 was specifically designed for the Apple MacBook Pro and MacBook Air, the adapter doesn’t work with anything else. That said, we’d be remiss if we didn’t mention this unique adapter.

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As with other USB-C adapters, the HyperDrive Duo features two USB 3.0 ports, two microSD and SD card readers, and an HDMI port. However, there are two USB-C ports instead of just one. Even better, both ports support Thunderbolt 3 and 100W PD. The adapter features two USB-C ports because it takes up the two USB-C ports on the side of the MacBook Pro or MacBook Air.

The HyperDrive Duo is available for $ 69.99.

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5. Uni USB-C Hub

Uni USB C Hub

In terms of port selection, the Uni USB-C Hub has a healthy selection. There are two USB 3.0 ports, two microSD and SD card readers, an HDMI port, and a USB-C PD port with up to 100W of input. Standard stuff, but it’s nice to see PD support with the USB-C port.

Where the Uni USB-C Hub differs from the competition is with its removable USB-C hub connector. Other USB-C adapters feature permanently-attached hub connectors, which could lead to concerns over durability.

The Uni USB-C Hub is available for $ 32.99.

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6. Nonda USB-C Adapter

Nonda USB C Adapter

Unlike any of the aforementioned USB-C adapters, the Nonda USB-C Adapter isn’t a hub. Rather, it’s a miniature USB-C to USB 3.0 adapter. When we say miniature, we mean it. It’s barely smaller than a quarter.

The adapter also features an LED indicator to let you know when it’s connected to your device. Just make sure to not move around the Nonda USB-C Adapter too much, since it wiggles a bit while connected. That said, the adapter is a cheap and ultra-portable way to add a USB port to your device.

The Nonda USB-C Adapter is available for $ 8.99.

Check pricing

That’s it for our list of the best USB-C adapters. In the comments below, let us know your thoughts on our list and your own recommendations!

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Best Chromebooks (August 2016)

In May of 2011 the Chromebook line was first announced, immediately finding itself a target of mixed reception. Many felt a computer that was “limited to the web” would ultimately struggle to find a following, and yet despite this the Chromebook market has exploded in recent years.

While the Chromebook market might still be a very niche one, there a growing number of people that are looking for an affordable, virus-free computing experience that serves as their gateway to the web. The fact that Chrome OS only has a number of true offline apps simply doesn’t matter to this type of web-centric user.

chromebook-pixel-6Check out: Wondering which Chromebook to buy? Google can help you pick4

In the early days, there were only a limited number of Chromebooks to choose from, but in 2016 there are dozens of models to pick from. With that in mind, we’ve rounded up a few models that we feel represent the very best of the Chromebook universe right now.

See also:

HP Chromebook 13


Normally when we think of Chromebooks, what we’re imagining is something affordable and basic. Indeed, there aren’t really many options for anyone looking to run a more upscale Chrome OS experience. If budget isn’t your priority, but you’re not quite willing to go all out for the Pixel, then the HP Chromebook 13 might just be the device for you.

This Chromebook sports an Intel Core M Skylake processor powered by 4GB of RAM. For productive members of society on the go, the HP Chromebook 13 boasts a battery that manages to keep its 13.3 inch, 3200 x 1800 display glowing for 11.5 hours. You’ll naturally find the usual connectivity features like a USB 3.0 port, 2 USB Type-C ports, a headphone jack, a microSD card slot to expand upon its 16GB SSD, and of course Wi-Fi and Bluetooth capabilities.

The HP Chromebook 13 launched with a $ 499 price tag, placing it in the comfortable middle ground between the standard sub-$ 350 fare of most Chromebooks and the pricier Pixel. The price has since dropped a bit to $ 424.99.


  • 13.3″ Anti-Glare Full HD (1920 x 1080) IPS Wide Viewing Angle Display
  • Intel Celeron 3215U Dual-Core Processor
  • 4GB RAM
  • 16GB storage
  • Battery rated for up to 12 hours use

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Acer Chromebook 11


The Acer Chromebook 11 serves as one of the most affordable options out there. What’s impressive is that it manages to maintain some fairly respectable specifications for its meager price tag. The device is stable and clean, and it makes efficient use of its 2GB of RAM. Stacked up against other devices in its price range, the Acer Chromebook 11 straight up eviscerates the competition.

The build quality is sound, but nothing to write home about. When you’re paying less than $ 200 for a device, plastic pretty much comes standard. However, the Acer Chromebook 11 doesn’t feel cheap. It feels practical. In many ways, this is a Chromebook of Chromebooks, seeing as the platform was originally created for students and professionals on a budget.

It’s worth noting that the Acer Chromebook 11 isn’t particularly rugged. You get a lot for what you’re paying here, but you’re still investing in a product that has a primary selling point of affordability. Excellent for students or people looking for a backup netbook, but this might not be your best pick for your primary interface with technological landscape. Still, in terms of bang-for-buck, the Acer Chromebook 11 is incredibly hard to beat.


  • 11.6-inch display with 1366 x 768 resolution
  • 2.16 GHz dual-core Intel Celeron N2840 processor
  • 2 GB of RAM
  • 16 GB of internal storage
  • 9 hours of battery life

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Acer Chromebook 14


The Acer Chromebook 14 ticks off all the checkmarks of the Chromebook 11 while bringing a much more premium feel to the table. The device has a brushed aluminum lid, weighs a solid-feeling 3.42 pounds, and boasts a much more impressive display than you would expect from its circa-$ 300 price point.

This is an ideal Chromebook for a writer on the go or a student who needs to get work done while schlepping their entire work station from coffee shop to coffee shop. It runs Docs and the rest of Google’s suite with aplomb, and its nearly-10-hour battery life means you can work all day on a single charge without worry.

Unfortunately, although this device has the specs to run the slew of Android apps being made available on ChromeOS, it doesn’t have touchscreen capabilities. That means that if using Android apps is your primary motivation for picking up a Chromebook, you might want to look elsewhere. If that doesn’t faze you, then the Acer Chromebook 14 is a seriously good pick.


  • 14-inch display, 1920×1080 resolution
  • Intel Celeron N3160
  • 4GB RAM
  • 32GB storage
  • Extras: HDMI port, Bluetooth, 2 USB 3.0
  • 9.5 hours battery life

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HP Chromebook 11 G5

hp chromebook 11 g5

Now, if touchscreen capabilities are a priority, look no further than the HP Chromebook 11 G5. This baby offers the best of both worlds and really feels like a Chromebook designed for the current notebook landscape. This recently launched device is currently available through online retailers in the ballpark of $ 200 and is expected to hit brick and mortar locations in September.

Although the screen has a somewhat off-puttingly thick bezel, it seems a reasonable concession for the kind of specs you’re getting for this price tag. It’s an impressively thin and light design that feels a bit more premium than its competition in the price range. Most of all, it has an impressive 12 hour battery life, meaning you rarely even have to think about charging it.

If you’re on the go and on a budget, the HP Chromebook 11 G5 is a solid option. Its specs won’t break any records, but it won’t break your bank account either.


  • 11.6″ LED HD SVA Anti-Glare flat (1366×768)
  • dual-core Intel Celeron N3060
  • 2 or 4GB RAM
  • 16 or 32GB storage
  • Extras: 2 USB 3.0 ports, Bluetooth 4.0, Wi-Fi, HDMIport
  • 12 hour battery life

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Acer Chromebook 15


Alongside Samsung, Acer was one of the first manufacturers to jump into the Chromebook fray. Since then, they’ve released numerous models with different screen sizes, processing packages, and more. Our favorite from the company is currently the Acer Chromebook 15.

The Chromebook 15 is far from the most powerful Chromebook around, but it packs plenty of juice for the price. Starting at $ 230 and tapping out around $ 300, this Acer laptop offers an Intel Celeron processor, a large 15.6-inch screen with a resolution of 1366 x 768, RAM up to 4GB, and storage up to 32GB. The base package includes 2GB RAM and 16 storage.


  • 15.6-inch Active Matrix TFT Color LCD display with 1366 x 768 resolution
  • Intel Celeron Dual-Core 3205U 1.5 GHz Processor
  • 2 to 4GB of RAM
  • 16 to 32GB of on-board storage, with SD card slot for expansion
  • Extras: Webcam, 1 USB 2.0, 1 USB 3.0, HDMI
  • 3220 mAh battery, rated for about 9 hours use
  • 15.08 x 9.65 x 0.95/0.97 inches, 4.85 pounds

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Dell Chromebook 13


One thing you’ll find in common for most Chromebooks is that they tend to make plenty of concessions in order to keep pricing down: Celeron or ARM processor, plastic bodies, and other little things that make it clear that you’re using a ‘budget friendly’ device. For those that want something a bit more upscale without going to Chromebook Pixel extremes, the Dell Chromebook 13 could certainly be worth a look.

Ranging from $ 430 to $ 650, the DELL Chromebook 15 is certainly pricier than the many “$ 300 or below” Chromebooks out there, but for that extra money you get a 13.3-inch Full HD display and a more premium looking metallic chassis. The processing package ranges from an Intel Celeron up to a Intel Core i3-5005U, with 4 to 8GB RAM, and 16 to 32GB storage.


  • 13-inch Non-Touch LCD display with 1080p resolution
  • Intel Celeron 3205U or Intel i3-5005U
  • 4 to 8GB of RAM
  • 16 to 32GB of on-board storage, with SD card slot for expansion
  • Extras: Webcam, 1 USB 2.0, 1 USB 3.0, HDMI
  • 67Whr 6 Cell Battery
  • 18 x 3 x 11 inches, 5.2 pounds

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Lenovo 100S Chromebook


While Chromebooks have always been pretty affordable when compared to their “regular PC” brethren, the Lenovo 100S Chromebook takes this a step forward by hitting sub-$ 200 pricing.

For just $ 175, the 100S Chromebook gives you an Intel Celeron N2840 processor with 2GB RAM, 16GB storage, an 11.6-inch display with a resolution of 1366 x 768, and a battery rated for about 11 hours of life. While these specs won’t wow anyone, there are good enough to provide a fairly decent Chrome experience, though folks who are big into multiple-tab browsing might find it to be a bit underpowered for this kind of use case.

Still, for such a low price, the Lenovo 100S Chromebook brings a lot to the table, and combined with a weight of just 2.2-pounds, it could prove to be the perfect traveling companion for those that want a no-frills machine for browsing and basic work.


  • 11.6-inch display with a resolution of 1366 x 768
  • Intel Celeron N2840
  • 2 RAM
  • 16GB of on-board storage, with SD card slot for expansion
  • Extras: Webcam, 1 USB 2.0, 1 USB 3.0, HDMI
  • Battery life of up to 11 hours
  • 11.81″ x 8.23″ x 0.78″, 2.6-pounds

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ASUS Chromebook Flip

Asus Chromebook Flip

Lastly we have the Asus Chromebook Flip, a unique device aimed at those looking for something that’s one part laptop, one part tablet. The Flip isn’t exactly the most impressive device on this list, and the only one without an Intel processor, actually. But power isn’t the point here.

With a unique hinged design and a much smaller screen size of 10.1-inches, the Chromebook Flip is the perfect device for those looking for a multimedia machine that also can double as a Chromebook for basic productivity and for those situations where having a keyboard makes sense over a touchscreen.

The Flip isn’t perfect, with a weaker Rockchip processor onboard and an OS that isn’t necessarily built with touch in mind, but for less than $ 250 – it’s a unique twist to the Chromebook formula. Sure, it’s not for everyone, but it might be perfect for you.


  • 10.1-inch LCD screen with 1280 x 800 resolutio
  • Rockchip 1.8 GHz Processor
  • 2 to 4GB RAM
  • 16GB on-board storage with SD card slot for expansion
  • Extras: Webcam, 2 USB 3.0
  • 31 Wh battery rated for about 9 hours use
  • 7.2 x 10.4 x 0.6 inches, 1.96 lb

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Elephant in the room: Chromebook Pixel


Okay, we couldn’t end this post without addressing the elephant in the room. Technically speaking, the Chromebook Pixel  (2nd gen) is still the very best Chromebook out there, but it’s probably overkill for most users and so unless you’re a power user — you’re probably better off going for one of the other devices we showcased above. That said, even if you are a power user, arguably you’d be better off spending a few hundred more for a Windows (or Mac?) machine that could handle gaming, traditional apps, and the like.

With all that aside, the Chromebook Pixel is a beautiful device, and it also happens to be a powerhouse. The base model, which sets you back $ 1000, is powered by an Intel Core i5 processor with 8GB RAM and 32GB storage, though there’s options to upgrade to an i7, up to 16GB RAM, and 64GB storage. The device also has a high-resolution 12.86-inch touchscreen display, 12 hour battery life, 2 USB-C connectors, 2 USB 3.0 connectors, and a premium metallic design that no other Chromebook can match — though Dell comes the closest.

At the end of the day, the Chromebook Pixel is a niche offering in an already niche product category, but that doesn’t mean it in’t cool or sexy as hell. If you have your heart set on Chrome OS but want to be able to open up countless dozens of tabs and multi-task like a boss, the Pixel could be right up your alley. That said, with devices like the HP Chromebook 14 might make more sense, as they offer higher-than-normal Chromebook performance but still manage to be priced much more affordably.


  • 12.8-inch LCD touchscreen with 2560 x 1700 resolution and 3:2 aspect ratio
  • Intel Core i5 or i7 processor
  • 8 to 16GB RAM
  • 32 or 64GB storage
  • Extras: 720P HD Wide Angle camera with Blue Glass, 2 USB 3.0, 2 USB C, HDMI, Bluetooth 4.0, 4K video output
  • Battery rated for up to 12 hours use
  • 11.7 x 8.8 x 0.6 inches, 3.3 lbs

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That’s that! While there are many more models out there, these are the Chromebooks we felt deserved a little extra highlight. Agree with our picks? Have another you feel deserves a place among the best? Let us know your thoughts in the comments.

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Best Chinese Android phones

In 2015, 7 of the top 10 smartphone manufacturers in the world were Chinese OEMs, and apart from their popularity in China, companies like Lenovo, Xiaomi, OnePlus, Huawei, and others have been making in-roads into competitive markets like the US, Europe, and India. We’ve covered these companies and their popular offerings extensively here at Android Authority, and you can check them out in the links below.

However, China is home to a slew of other great smartphone manufacturers as well, that, while quite popular in their home market, aren’t as well-known internationally. That’s certainly not because of the lack of a good product, with devices that offer everything you’d expect from a flagship smartphone, including solid specifications and features, all at a very affordable price point. The phones listed above definitely qualify as some of the best Chinese Android smartphones, but for this roundup, we attempt to showcase some of these lesser-known OEMs and their devices. Let’s take a look!

samsung galaxy s7 review aa (20 of 20)See also: Best Android phones215

Meizu Pro 6

Meizu Pro 6

Meizu may not be as well-known as some of its Chinese counterparts, but the company offers some fantastic smartphones, particularly in the ultra budget-friendly segment. That said, Meizu is making waves with their high-end offerings as well, and only a few months after the release of the Pro 5, comes the company’s latest flagship smartphone, the Meizu Pro 6. The Pro 6 retains the beautiful full metal unibody construction of its predecessor.

It comes with some useful features and hardware, including its own take on Apple’s 3D Touch and Huawei’s Force Touch, called 3D Press, which uses additional force to pull up previews, extra menus, and other hotkey functions. It also comes with a Cirrus Logic CS43L36 audio chip for Hi-Fi audio. The Pro 6 is also the first smartphone to be powered by the deca-core MediaTek Helio X25 processor, and backing it is the Mali-T880MP4 GPU and 4 GB of RAM. Other high-end features include a fingerprint scanner up front, a USB Type-C port (USB 3.1) and mCharge 3.0 fast charging capabilities, and a 21 MP rear camera.

The Meizu Pro 6 is the complete package, with specifications and features to give any current generation flagship a run for its money, but where it has its high-end competition beat is when it comes to price, with the 32 GB model retailing for ¥2,499 (~$ 390) and the 64 GB variant priced at ¥2,799 (~$ 430). Granted, the price will be slightly higher if you’re looking to import the device, but it’ll still be much cheaper the most of its competitors. You can find out more about the Meizu Pro 6 here.


  • 5.2-inch AMOLED display with 1920 x 1080 resolution, 423 ppi
  • 2.5 GHz deca-core Helio X25 processor
  • 4 GB RAM
  • 32/64 GB of on-board storage, no microSD card expansion
  • 21 MP rear camera, 5 MP front camera
  • Non-removable 2,560 mAh battery
  • Flyme OS 5.6 based on Android 6.0 Marshmallow
  • 147.7 x 70.8 x 7.3 mm, 160 grams

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Nubia Z9

ZTE Nubia Z9-26

Nubia is a subsidiary of ZTE, and has produced a series of fantastic mid-range to high-end smartphones that are definitely worth checking out. The latest flagship offering from the company is the Nubia Z9, which comes with a solid design and build quality. It’s comprised of a metal and glass unibody construction and sports other top of the line specifications and features that make it a deserving competitor to its high-end brethren.

There are actually three variants of the Z9 available. While all three are powered by the octa-core Qualcomm Snapdragon 810 processor, the Classic version comes with 3 GB of RAM, while the Elite and Exclusive iterations feature 4 GB of RAM. The Exclusive edition also comes with a fingerprint scanner, which isn’t available with the other two options. One of the standout features of this device is the display, which comes with a slightly raised 2.5D glass panel on top with curves along the edges that allows for a bezel-less look and feel which is sure to turn heads. Of course, the Full HD display also provides a fantastic viewing experience, with bright, vivid colors, high brightness, and good viewing angles.

The Nubia Z9 is a powerful device with a beautiful design, great display, solid battery life, and other specifications and features that make it among the best smartphones of 2015. On the pricing front, the Z9 is priced quite similarly to its flagship competition, and is one of the more expensive devices on this list, but is certainly worth every penny.


  • 5.2-inch IPS LCD display with 1920 x 1080 resolution, 423 ppi
  • 2 GHz octa-core Qualcomm Snapdragon 810 processor
  • 3 GB of RAM (Classic edition), 4 GB of RAM (Elite and Exclusive editions)
  • 32 GB (Classic edition), 64 GB (Elite and Exclusive editions) of on-board storage, no microSD card expansion
  • 16 MP rear camera, 8 MP front camera
  • Non-removable 2,900 mAh battery
  • Android 5.1 Lollipop
  • 147.4 x 68.3 x 8.9 mm, 192 grams

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Elephone P9000

elephone p9000-1

Elephone is another Chinese device manufacturer that is gaining a reputation for offering solid, mid-range to high-end smartphones at a fraction of the price when compared to its competitors. The latest smartphone from the company, the P9000, is one such device that strikes the perfect balance between specifications and price, and is definitely a phone worth keeping in mind.

The Elephone P9000 features a design that goes far beyond what its price point would suggest, with its metal frame and nearly bezel-less front. The black version of the device comes with a sand paper-like finish on the back that helps with the grip and handling experience, but can take some getting used to. Continuing with the trend of boasting features beyond its price point, the P9000 is powered by the octa-core MediaTek Helio P10 processor, backed by the Mali-T860 GPU and 4 GB of RAM. There is also a fingerprint scanner on the back, and a useful addition is an extra button on the side that apart from acting as a way to silence the device easily, works as a hotkey to quickly launch a preset application.

When considering all that the Elephone P9000 has to offer, what proves to be most impressive is the fact that this phone is currently priced at just $ 245, which is significantly cheaper than any smartphone that the Elephone P9000 may call its competition. If network compatibility and other considerations aren’t negative factors, the P9000 is definitely a device worth considering.


  • 5.5-inch IPS LCD display with 1920 x 1080 resolution, 401 ppi
  • 2 GHz octa-core MediaTek Helio P10 processor
  • 4 GB RAM
  • 32 GB of on-board storage, microSD expansion up to 256 GB
  • 13 MP rear camera, 8 MP front camera
  • Non-removable 3,000 mAh battery
  • Android 6.0 Marshmallow

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Lenovo Vibe P1 Turbo


Lenovo has been making a name for itself with some fantastic mid-range offerings, one of which is the Vibe P1 Turbo. The Vibe P1 Turbo isn’t actually all that different from the Vibe P1, with the Turbo moniker indicating just an additional gig of RAM. All other specifications and features remain the same, and we can only assume Lenovo released two variants to compensate for different markets.

Speaking of specifications, the Vibe P1 Turbo comes with an octa-core Qualcomm Snapdragon processor, which is backed by the Adreno 405 GPU and 3 GB of RAM. The device comes with a fingerprint sensor up front, which is works quite well, but may not be as fast as some other scanners out there. The Vibe P1 Turbo is a mid-range smartphone through and through, but its biggest selling point is its huge 5,000 mAh battery which allows for at least 2 days of battery life comfortably.

The Lenovo Vibe P1 Turbo is relatively affordable as well, currently priced at $ 357. So if you are looking for a solid mid-range smartphone with a beautiful design, decent specifications, and great battery life, the Vibe P1 Turbo could be the device for you.


  • 5.5-inch IPS LCD display with 1920 x 1080 resolution, 401 ppi
  • 1.5 GHz octa-core Qualcomm Snapdragon 615 processor
  • 3 GB of RAM
  • 32 GB internal storage, microSD expansion up to 128 GB
  • 13 MP rear camera, 5 MP front camera
  • Non-removable 5,000 mAh battery
  • Android 5.1 Lollipop
  • 152.9 x 75.6 x 9.9 mm, 189 grams

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ZUK is a Hong Kong-based smartphone manufacturer that is backed by Lenovo, and the companies first effort, the ZUK Z1, is a solid mid-range smartphone that runs Cyanogen. Under the hood, the ZUK Z1 comes with a quad-core Qualcomm Snapdragon 801 processor, backed by the Adreno 330 GPU and 3 GB of RAM, which continues to be a reliable processing package, and using it is a smart move on the part of ZUK.

The ZUK Z1 doesn’t pack a whole lot in terms of extras, but does come with a fingerprint scanner up front, which is as fast as accurate as expected. As is the case with other mid-range smartphones from Lenovo, including the Vibe P1 Turbo above, the big selling point of this device is the large 4,100 mAh battery that it packs, that allows for 2 days of battery life quite comfortably with average use. Of course, its other attractive feature is its software package, with the phone running Cyanogen OS 12.1, based on Android 5.1 Lollipop. The highly-customizable software package is one of the most liked around, and perfectly complements the older processor to allow for a smooth and snappy experience.

The Lenovo ZUK Z1 is currently priced at $ 300, so if you are looking for a reliable smartphone with decent specifications, great software experience, and fantastic battery life, the ZUK Z1 is a good choice.


  • 5.5-inch IPS LCD display with 1920 x 1080 resolution, 401 ppi
  • 2.5 GHz quad-core Qualcomm Snapdragon 801 processor
  • 3 GB RAM
  • 64 GB of on-board storage, no microSD card expansion
  • 13 MP rear camera, 5 MP front camera
  • Non-removable 4,100 mAh battery
  • Cyanogen OS 12.1 based on Android 5.1 Lollipop
  • 155.7 x 77.3 x 8.9 mm, 175 grams

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honor 7


Huawei has a slew of mid-range and high-end smartphones, and the company continues to expand their portfolio with new devices ever so often. One such series is the honor line, which falls under the “premium but affordable” segment, with one of the best options from the series being the honor 7.

The honor 7 was the first smartphone of the series that made the move to a full metal unibody construction, and the backing comes with a ceramic-like finish that counters the slipperiness that is usually associated with metal phones. Under the hood, the honor 7 packs an octa-core HiSilicon Kirin 935 processor, clocked at 2.2 GHz, and backed by the Mali-T628 GPU and 3 GB of RAM. And with the software optimized for their in-house processing package, you get a smooth and snappy experience overall. There aren’t a lot of extras in terms of hardware, but there is a fingerprint scanner on the back that works very well.

The honor 7 is another solid offering that gets a lot right with its beautiful display, impressive battery life, fantastic fingerprint scanner, good camera, and useful additions like the swipe gestures and the SmartKey button. The device is currently available for around $ 400.


  • 5.2-inch IPS LCD display with 1920 x 1080 resolution, 424 ppi
  • 2.2 GHz octa-core HiSilicon Kirin 935 processor
  • 3 GB RAM
  • 16/64 GB of on-board storage, microSD expansion up to 128 GB
  • 20 MP rear camera, 8 MP front camera
  • Non-removable 3,100 mAh battery
  • Android 5.1 Lollipop
  • 143.2 x 71.9 x 8.5 mm, 157 grams

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So, there you have it for this roundup of some of the best Chinese Android smartphones! Of course, there are numerous other Chinese OEMs with great devices out there, and we will be sure to keep this list updated. One thing worth keeping in mind is that if you do consider picking up any of these smartphones, don’t forget to first check about network compatibility, as you may have trouble getting access to 4G LTE networks with these devices depending on your home market. If that isn’t an issue, all of the smartphones listed above are fantastic options from OEMs that have been flying under the radar, and are definitely good choices to make.

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10 best fighting games for Android

soulcalibur best fighting games for android
Fighting games may not be the most popular genre anymore, but the people who still love the genre are among the most loyal of any gamers. Unfortunately, fighting games haven’t been as rampant on Android as many would’ve hoped and there aren’t many amazing options available. That said, we found some of the best fighting games for Android that we’d like to share with you.

brothers clash of fighters best fighting games for androidBrothers: Clash of Fighters

[Price: Free with in-app purchases]
Brothers: Clash of Fighters is a simplistic fighting game where you must knock out your opponent. Matches take place in a variety of arenas and the controls are easy enough to learn. It boasts mostly fictional characters and the game revolves almost entirely around strike moves as there really isn’t a grapple function available in the game. It features arcade mode, tournament mode, combos, finishers, and daily quests to give you something to do. It’s a decent fighter if you don’t mind simplicity.

Get it now on Google Play!

fighting tiger liberal best fighting games for androidFighting Tiger – Liberal

[Price: Free]
Fighting Tiger – Liberal is a free fighting game that plays a little bit like an action game. You start in an area and you must beat up a number of opponents instead of just one. The mechanics are predominately fighting with grapples, special moves, and combos to help you along the way. It also features a number of fighting styles, weapons, and more that you can use to beat up the bad guys. It has a campaign mode where you must save your girlfriend and fight for your life to survive. Not bad for a completely free game.

Get it now on Google Play!

injustice gods among us best fighting games for androidInjustice: Gods Among Us

[Price: Free with in-app purchases]
Injustice: Gods Among Us has been one of the most popular fighting games out there for a couple of years now. In the game, you grab a team of your favorite DC Comics characters and take on opponents. Your team consists of three heroes and you battle until your whole team is exhausted. The controls kind of suck as you’ll only be required to pay attention long enough to swipe and tap (similar to Mortal Kombat X), but at least there is a ton of content to keep you busy. If you require combos and controls, you’ll likely want to avoid this one.

Get it now on Google Play!

iron kill robot fighting game best fighting games for androidIron Kill: Robot Fighting Game

[Price: Free with in-app purchases]
Iron Kill: Robot Fighting Game has been around for a while and has a bit of a lame name, but it’s a decent fighter. It allows you to pick a robot and go head to head against other robots. Much like the fighting games of old, there is a branched storyline you can play through. You can also level up your robot to become more powerful. It has a variety of events, including league wars, restricted fights, and limited time events to keep things interesting. It’s not the most complex game ever, but it’s definitely serviceable.

Get it now on Google Play!

punch boxing 3d best fighting games for androidPunch Boxing 3D

[Price: Free with in-app purchases]
Punch Boxing 3D is the first of a few boxing games on this list which are technically fighting games. As with most boxing games, the game play is a bit slower than combo fighters and you rely more on block and strike moves rather than movement. The graphics are alright and the controls seem to function as intended which makes this a solid game to try out. You can level up your character by fighting at the gym and there are a variety of accessories you can unlock as well. It’s a bit simple, but still fun.

Get it now on Google Play!

best escape games for androidSee also: The best Android games, ever!164

real boxing 2 rocky best fighting games for androidReal Boxing 2 Rocky

[Price: Free with in-app purchases]
Real Boxing 2 Rocky is the successor to the hit boxing title Real Boxing. The mechanics and graphics are on par, if not slightly improved over the original game in the series. In this one, you have the added bonus of being able to play as Rocky Balboa which is nice for fans of the movies. The game features boss fights, various boxing styles, unlockable items to improve your performance, the ability to create your own fighter, and real-time PvP against online opponents.

Get it now on Google Play!

real steel best fighting games for androidReal Steel series

[Price: Free with in-app purchases]
Real Steel is a series of fighting games by Reliance Big Entertainment. As the name subtly suggests, these games have you fighting robots against each other. There are three games in the series in total and they’re all still getting regular updates from developers which is a really good sign. These games feature online PvP mode, dozens of robots to choose from, and a variety of game modes and types for you to engage with. It’s a pretty good fighting game series and it’s worth checking out.

Get it now on Google Play!

samurai showdown ii best fighting games for androidSamurai Showdown II

[Price: $ 2.99]
Samurai Showdown II is one of the few “pure” combo fighting games on Android. It has a single cost so there are no freemium traps to get boggled up in. It comes with 15 characters that you can play with along with an expansive list of movies, special moves, and other mechanics. It also has two control schemes so you can play casually or for real if you prefer. It also comes with local online multiplayer over Bluetooth if your friends have the game installed. It’s a classic and, along with SOULCALIBUR, are the only two console ported fighting games worth playing until the developers of Street Fighter IV release the game worldwide.

Get it now on Google Play!

snk playmore the king of fighters best fighting games for androidSNK Playmore collection

[Price: Free with in-app purchases, Free, $ 2.99]
SNK Playmore is a developer studio that has a history of releasing decent fighting games. Their series, known as The King of Fighters, has a number of good games in the series, listed by year. You can pick up The King of Fighters 97, 98, 2012, and 2012(F), denote a free version of the game. All four titles are solid fighting games that hold true to the traditional fighters such as Street Fighter and Mortal Kombat. Each one has its own set of mechanics, characters, and storylines to play through. Click the link below to check out SNK Playmore’s entire collection!

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soul calibur best fighting games for androidSOULCALIBUR

[Price: $ 13.99]
SOULCALIBUR is a classic console fighting game from one of the better fighting game franchises that ever existed. This is a complete port of the first installment of the series and features all of the characters, game modes, storyline, and controls from the first game. The touch screen controls work well and it doesn’t take long until you’re belting out combos. The five game modes and 19-character cast helps keep it interesting. It’s one of the more faithful console ports that we’ve ever seen and it’s worth a shot if you don’t mind the price.

Get it now on Google Play!

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