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Best of Android: Mid-2020 Reader’s Choice – cast your vote now!

Best of Android Mid 2020 Readers Choice

Update, July 21: We have our final four! Hit the links below to narrow your final four down to our head-to-head finalists!

When it comes to determining the very best of Android, who better to decide than the most engaged audience in tech – you! We’ve spent weeks testing, re-testing, confirming, blind checking, ranking, and voting on our overall Editor’s Choice winner for Best of Android: Mid-2020, but now it’s your turn. Best of Android: Mid-2020 Reader’s Choice voting starts now!

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How it works

If you’re a regular at Android Authority you’ll be pretty familiar with how this all goes down. We keep the Reader’s Choice voting open for a week and will report your winner on the site next weekend.

We start by culling the general finalists’ list down (our finalists were those devices that placed anywhere in the top ten of one of our objective testing categories). This step takes place here, in this very article. We’ll keep voting open for a couple of days, then extract our top four.

Best of Android: Mid-2020 Reader’s Choice voting starts now!

We take the top four and expand our voting to include our social media channels to settle on your ultimate pick for Reader’s Choice. If you’re wondering why we do it this way, it’s because our social platforms don’t allow us to have polls with a dozen options. So we start with YouTube and Twitter, then switch to Instagram and Facebook for the very final vote. We’ll add all the links you need to this post as the week progresses so you never miss a chance to vote for your favorite at each stage.

If you need a recap of the category winners or our Editor’s Choice winner, check out the video below or the site links underneath.

One last reminder that eligibility in Best of Android: Mid-2020 was restricted to devices that hit shelves before June 30, 2020, which is why the Sony Xperia 1 II, Asus ROG Phone 3, OnePlus Nord, and others don’t appear in the list below. You’ll be able to vote for them in our full-year Best of Android awards.

Vote on your final four!

Our readers have voted and successfully whittled our finalists down to your top four. In no particular order, they are:

  • Samsung Galaxy S20 Ultra
  • Oppo Find X2 Pro
  • OnePlus 8 Pro
  • Samsung Galaxy S20 Plus

To vote for your favorite, hit our polls on YouTube and Twitter and stay tuned for the final showdown in a couple of days!

Revisit the Best of Android: Mid-2020 awards for each objective category:

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Best of Android is back for a 2020 mid-year showdown, and more tech news today

Your tech news digest, by way of the DGiT Daily tech newsletter, for Monday, July 13.

1. The Best of Android: Mid-2020 is here!

My colleagues at Android Authority have been toiling away in the lab and behind the scenes seeking to bring you a guide to the best Android phones of 2020, in a mid-year review.

Previously a once-a-year-winners list, the new mid-year guide looks at all phones released in 2020 thus far, by “removing any uncertainty by subjecting the best smartphones of today to a battery of unique tests that can definitively separate the real deal from the hype machine.”

And there’s more to the story this time around:

  • By now, most people understand that the overall experience they get from their phone is more than megapixel count, battery size, or how fast it charges.
  • In 2020, we all know that phones are better than ever, but the intangibles around value, software stability, after-sales service, mainstream availability, are equally important. If you can’t buy it, it’s not much good sitting on the top step of a podium.
  • And this time around, the data results haven’t been framed by third-party benchmarking tools, which can lead to clever tricks or cheating by maker. Instead, all of the performance and battery data used in Best of Android: Mid-2020 has been sourced from a custom version of Speed Test G, cooked up by Gary Sims himself.

The details cover lots of ground, offering a look at all key aspects of a phone. Here’s how it’ll shake out:

  • Sunday: Best of Android: Mid-2020 — Audio (live now)
  • Monday: Best of Android: Mid-2020 — Display (later today)
  • Tuesday: Best of Android: Mid-2020 — Battery
  • Wednesday: Best of Android: Mid-2020 — Performance
  • Thursday: Best of Android: Mid-2020 — Camera
  • Friday: Best of Android: Mid-2020 — Value
  • Saturday: Best of Android: Mid-2020 overall winner (Editor’s Choice)
  • Sunday: Voting starts for the Best of Android: Mid-2020 Reader’s Choice winner.

  • Sunday’s Audio award went to the LG V60 (above), thanks to its headphone jack and 32-bit Quad DAC which impressively powers just about any headphones you might have, all the way to low impedance headphones.
  • Without getting too far into audiophile territory, with improving support for better codecs, aptX, HD/LDAC support, and even FLAC decoding, surprisingly decent audio quality is becoming more common.
  • The overall takeout: audio quality is better than it ever has been for most smartphones.

Display: As I write, the Display category winner has just been revealed.

  • Display tests for clarity, color accuracy, gamma, and quality revealed that OLED devices still rule the roost, with not a single LCD in the top-ranks.
  • Top three? The OnePlus 8 Pro, 2020 Galaxy S20, S20 Plus, and S20 Ultra flagships, and the Huawei P40 the top three.

2. Somehow, 125W charging is coming this week. The idea is you’ll be able to get to 100% charge in 15 minutes, which is crazy. Very interested in how the battery chemistry can handle the heat generated, and how this affects the overall lifespan (Android Authority). Also, there’s a demonstration of 120W charging from iQoo (beware the audio is super loud).

3. You told us: Even with smart TVs, you’re mostly using streaming dongles (Android Authority).

4. Lenovo Yoga X: an Android tablet that can also be a second screen? (Android Authority).

5. One of the shocks on Friday was that Amazon had banned TikTok from phones accessing Amazon email accounts for security reasons. Within hours, though, Amazon issued a retraction and said the whole thing was in error. I’ve talked to a bunch of people who only saw the original headline and assumed it’s still true. Which it isn’t. For now. (The Verge).

6. Google has announced a $ 10 billion ‘Google for India Digitization Fund’ to help accelerate India’s digital economy (blog.google). On that note: Digital payment transactions in India reached an all-time high in June, as people avoid handling banknotes amid the coronavirus pandemic (Bloomberg).

7. Here’s a website that allows you to experience what it is like to live with dyslexia (geon.github.io)

8. The four biggest announcements from Ubisoft’s not-E3 event: FarCry 6, Assassin’s Creed Valhalla, more (The Verge). Also: Three Ubisoft executives leave amid misconduct allegations (Engadget).

9. Why is this copy of Super Mario Bros. worth a record $ 114,000? (Ars Technica).

10. How to trick your brain to remember almost anything (Wired).

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Apple Car Keys: What is it and is there an Android alternative?

NFC toggle button Android menu
Apple Car Keys was announced at WWDC 2020. For those who don’t know, Car Keys is a new iOS 14 feature that lets you unlock your car using an iPhone.

Credit: Robert Triggs / Android Authority

There isn’t a ton of support for it yet, but the features are actually kind of cool. You can send your car key via the Messages app and you can restrict some car functions with a shared key. It also works offline as it’s based on NFC. Future iterations may even use different wireless connectivity to unlock the car with the phone in your pocket.

Naturally, Android users are likely curious whether there will be an equivalent for the top Android phones. There are plenty of car keys apps already available, Apple’s unique approach is ahead of the competition. Thankfully, it doesn’t seem like the Apple Car Keys feature is anything Android users can’t eventually have too.

Opinion: iPhone 6S getting iOS 14 is like the Galaxy S6 getting Android 11. Imagine that.

What is Apple Car Keys doing that makes it special?

A photo of the BMW booth at the Zagreb Auto Show
For starters, Apple’s solution bucks a lot of trends. A lot of smart tech requires the cloud and, therefore, a constant data connection. Apple Car Keys does not need those things. NFC technology is available even while offline so you can unlock your car anywhere, even if an underground garage or other places where a connection is spotty. That already makes it better than some car manufacturer solutions since all of those require server access.

Some other unique features include full Apple Watch support so you don’t even need to take your phone out of your pocket if you have the Watch too. You also don’t need an iOS Car Keys app to make it work — it can either sit in Wallet or just activate as soon as you wave your iPhone over your car’s lock (as long as it has Apple Car Keys compatibility, of course). Finally, Apple has an API for this and isn’t relying on apps or services from car manufacturers. Even Android solutions like the official Tesla app require a third-party app to make it all work.

The only downside is that the number of Apple Car Keys compatible cars will be restricted to a handful of BMW vehicles at launch. Support should improve over time.

Apple’s solution and execution are both extra clean. Everything takes place on or near your person without any cloud access or any special tricks. You just tap your phone or watch to a supported car and boom, the car is unlocked. It’s hard to criticize that on any level. The good news is that this technology probably won’t be restricted solely to Apple.

You can kind of do this with NFC already

NFC is a surprisingly robust platform. You can buy blank NFC stickers and blank NFC tags on Amazon. From there, you get an app like NFC Tools and you’re off to the races. You can toggle various settings, add various bits of information, and even make your own commands with something like Tasker.

The problem is the barrier to entry is rather high. Fiddling around with the tags and NFC apps is a bit of pain if you’ve never done it before. Those with more experience could very easily create a custom NFC car unlocker with this method, but it requires a KeyDuino (an Arduino development board with integrated NFC), knowledge of open source code, and some DIY know-how.

NFC tech in cars is still rather new, but it definitely didn’t start with Apple and it definitely won’t end with Apple.

It’s not really worth it for folks who don’t know this stuff, but the tech is already more accessible. Tesla was among the first to address the problem as you can use NFC to unlock your Tesla via its app. In other words, this tech was coming whether Apple brought it or not. The question is whether or not Android follows suit with OS-level integration or if it’s up to app developers to bring it to all of us. It’s not a matter of if, it’s a matter of when.

NFC is only one option

Car Connectivity Consortium Car Data
Many car makers, including the aforementioned ones above, have apps that let you unlock your phone over a network connection. You can also get third party components that perform more or less the same task, such as MoboKey and Viper SmartStart. Apps and services like those use Bluetooth Low Energy or a mobile data connection over a server to start your car and do all sorts of other things.

Credit: Car Connectivity Consortium

On the low end, you can unlock and remote start your car. The high-end options let you engage climate controls, see the last place you parked, check diagnostics, and, if your vehicle supports it, even leave the parking spot and come find you. The high-end options are a lot more difficult to find and a lot more expensive to install.

Many car makers, including Ford, Chevrolet, and Hyundai (via Blue Link) also have apps that let you unlock your phone over a network connection. However, NFC is definitely the best tech for a manual, offline method. Simply tapping your car in the right spot to open it is a neat trick and it’s easier to pull out a phone than it is your keys half the time. However, with Bluetooth Low Energy especially, we will eventually just get into the car and drive off as long as our phones are on us. That’s not a wild guess either. There are companies working on this technology right now.

The Car Connectivity Consortium

Car Connectivity Consortium Digital Key
Enter the Car Connectivity Consortium, a group of auto and technology companies. The goal of the group is to standardize the tech in every car so that everyone gets a similar experience. The group was established back in 2011 with the expressed purpose of using today’s new technology such as NFC, Bluetooth, etc. for use in cars. In fact, its announcement press release mentions NFC specifically.

Credit: Car Connectivity Consortium

The Consortium didn’t spend the last nine years doing nothing. They finalized Digital Key Release 2.0 just this last May — a standardized and secure method for vehicle owners to use their own mobile devices as a digital key specifically via NFC. We’re relatively certain that Apple Car Keys uses Digital Key Release 2.0 because the specs and use are so similar.

It is likely Apple uses a standardized method for Car Keys which means other platforms should get it too.

It’s likely that Android users will get access to this technology eventually because it is a standardization similar to USB-C or the headphone jack. It may not be in the OS for Android users, but definitely in app form at the very minimum. The Consortium already has a website for app developers to integrate OS-agnostic car tech.

The more exciting news is Digital Key Release 3.0 which should include support for multiple connectivity methods such as Bluetooth Low Energy and other connections. It should let you unlock your car without ever touching your smartphone. The two will just wirelessly communicate when you’re close enough to unlock (and potentially even start) the car without your input.

Please wait.. Loading poll

In other words, the technology won’t stop at NFC and it should easily come to non-Apple devices as well. Between Bluetooth Low Energy and NFC solutions, you may never need a key fob again.

Apple Car Keys is no doubt a game-changer for car owners. It’s just way easier than using your keys unless you have those keyless entry systems. More car manufacturers need to support the tech and, of course, Android needs to as well. However, based on the available information, we see no reason to believe that Android users won’t get something like Car Keys in the next year or two. It’s not a matter of if, it’s a matter of when.

Would you use an Apple Car Keys equivalent on Android? Let us know in the poll above and check out some of our Apple coverage below:

Android Authority

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5 Android apps you shouldn’t miss this week! – Android Apps Weekly

Android Apps Weekly featured image Hey Email screenshot
Welcome to the 324th edition of Android Apps Weekly! Here are the big headlines from the last week:

  • India wants to ban several dozen Chinese apps over border tensions between the two countries. Some of the apps include TikTok, WeChat, ES File Explorer, basically everything from Cheetah Mobile, UC Browser, APUS Browser, and Clash of Kings. Additionally, the country wants Xiaomi out of the country as well. It’s a huge political thing and you can read more about it at the link.
  • Google Photos received a hefty update this last week. Included is a new design, new logo, and a new map view. The map view is especially interesting. You can view your photos in the form of a map to see where you took them all. It’s a pretty big update. Additionally, there’s a scam for Google Photos. Make sure you click this link to read more about it so you don’t get caught with it.
  • Scammers take advantage of everything, including the COVID-19 pandemic. ESET uncovered a new ransomware scheme this week. The app (CryCryptor) disguises itself as a contact tracing app like you would see from a government. It would encrypt your phone and not unencrypt it unless you pay money. It was shut down rather quickly and no apps on the Play Store had the ransomware.
  • The IRS tried to use smartphone location data to find tax criminals. The government agency purchased a bunch of anonymous location data and tried to use it to find criminals. It didn’t work out so well and the agency gave up after a short time. The data purchased was actually perfectly legal. It usually goes to advertisers to see demographic data so they can advertise better in those areas. The IRS was just using it for something else and doing it poorly.
  • Nintendo and The Pokemon Company announced a new game this week. Pokemon Unite is a five versus five competitive game that plays a bit like a MOBA. It won’t have every Pokemon, but it’ll have a decent selection. Players select their Pokemon, team up with others, and duel it out with an opposing team. That’s about all we know right now. Nintendo didn’t announce a release date, a price (although we suspect free to play), or anything else like. We do know it’ll be on Switch. Android, and iOS.

ARCore Depth Lab

Price: Free

ARCore Depth Lab is a demo application for augmented reality experiences with ARCore. The app doesn’t really do anything productive and it’s not a game. However, it does properly showcase a bunch of the really cool (and some new) ARCore APIs. One of the examples that is particularly cool is throwing a ball down the stairs and ARCore knows where the walls are. Another fun one is the snow demo where it’ll snow on your stuff. In any case, it’s free to use and it’s a neat way to see how ARCore is slowly, but steadily evolving.

ARCore Depth Lab screenshot

Hatsune Miku – Tap Wonder

Price: Free to play

Hatsune Miku – Tap Wonder is a new free to play rhythm game featuring Japan’s more successful Vocaloid. The game features easy controls. Players just tap on the screen at various points to light up Hatsune Miku’s concerts. Additionally, there are a bunch of customizations to unlock and you can dress Miku up however you want. Some other game play features include skill trees, boost items, and cameos from other popular characters. It’s definitely a must for Miku fans or anyone who enjoys Vocaloids.

Hatsune Miku Tap Wonder screenshot

Oto Music

Price: Free

Oto Music is a new local music player app with a lot going for it. The app supports the expected features like Chromecast support, playlists, a dark theme, a slick (and somewhat customizable) UI, and an equalizer. There is also gapless playback and some other decent stuff. The app boasts a small install size at 3.9MB and some other fancy stuff like a sleep timer. It won’t blow your socks off, but it’s a solid local music player that hits most of the right notes and it’s entirely free with no in-app purchases or ads (as of the time of this writing).

Oto Music screenshot

Romancing SaGa Re;univerSe

Price: Free to play

Romancing SaGa Re;univerSe is the latest free-to-play game from Square Enix. It takes place in the Romancing SaGa universe and features a new story in the franchise. This is a surprisingly F2P (free to play) friendly game with excellent strategy RPG mechanics, various characters to get, and plenty of other stuff to do. The game has a 3.5 rating on the Play Store. However, 90% of those complaints are due to an extended maintenance that temporarily locked players out of the game. That rating will go up over time.

HEY Email

Price: Free trial / $ 99.99 per year

HEY Email is a new email app with some neat features. The app works like a normal email app. You can send and receive email, archive things, and all of that typical stuff. However, you can also use the app’s many tools to keep your inbox clean and minimal. For instance, the app’s “imbox” (not a typo) only shows you important stuff and automatically sifts out things like receipts, spam, and other such things. We especially liked the ability to view all attachments in one spot and the app’s clever use of categories like The Paper Trail (receipts), Notes to Self, and Set Aside. You get your own email address when you sign up, but you have to pay $ 99.99 per year to keep it. Even with the cool features, that’s a hard sell since most email is free and signing up for a whole new email account is a bit of a bother. We’ll let you decide if you like it or not, but it’s definitely not terrible aside from the price tag.

HEY Email screenshot

Thank you for reading! Read more here:

If we missed any big Android apps or games news, tell us about it in the comments or hit me up on Twitter!

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Android TV-based televisions are easier to buy in the US – get the TCL TVs now

tcl android tv best buy


  • TCL is now selling Android TV-based smart televisions in the US.
  • The 32-inch model is priced at $ 130 at Best Buy, while the 40-inch version costs $ 200.
  • TCL previously only sold smart TVs with the Roku OS in the US.

The Android TV operating system has always lagged behind the more popular Roku OS and Amazon Fire TV OS for smart television makers. Now, one of the biggest Roku smart TV makers, TCL, has just announced its first two models with Android TV installed.

In a press release, the company says its Series 3 TVs with Android TV on board are now on sale. At the moment, they are exclusive to Best Buy. You can purchase the 32-inch version with a 720p resolution for $ 129.99, while the 40-inch model, with a 1080p resolution, is on sale for $ 199.99.

The Android TV TCL models both have Google Assistant installed for voice commands along with built-in support for Chromecast-based apps. TCL did not indicate any plans to ditch selling its highly popular Roku-based smart TVs in its press release, saying its new Android TV devices are part of its “latest multi-OS strategy.”

A resurgence for Android TV?

tcl android tv 1

The TCL Android TV models are a welcome addition to Google’s smart TV OS push. The Series 3 models should be a big hit for people looking for smart TVs while on a budget. The most well-known smart TV maker that uses Android TV up until now has been Sony, and their televisions are typically much more expensive than the ones with Roku or Amazon Fire TV installed.

Recently, the TiVo Stream 4K dongle with Android TV launched, with an introductory price of $ 49.99. This week, renders leaked showing that Google might be developing its own Android TV dongle for a launch in the near future. All in all, it looks like Android TV might be getting a second wind.

Will you be picking up the new Android TC TCL smart televisions?

Android Authority

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10 best diabetes apps for Android to help manage it!

Glucose Tracker best diabetes apps for Android
Diabetes is a life changing diagnosis. You have to change your diet, your activity habits, and some other stuff to stay on top of things. People can actually live relatively normal lives with the proper management. There are only a limited number of things your smartphone can do to help. It can’t take your blood sugar for you or regulate what you eat. It can help with some other stuff though. Here are the best diabetes apps for Android.

Blood Sugar Log

Price: Free / $ 1.49

Let’s start with a good, simple blood sugar logging app. This one is a no-frills log with just enough features. You can import and export logs to email or the cloud as needed. Additionally, you can add a tag to each entry so you know when it was taken (before meals, after meals, in the morning, etc). You can add in units of mg/dl (milligrams per deciliter) or millimole per liter. Some other features include tracking your medications, a blood pressure tracker, and a weight tracker. The UI even looks nice. There isn’t a lot wrong with this one, but it is a bit on the simple side.



Price: Free / $ 4.99 per month / $ 49.99 per year

Diabetes:M is a decent app for sufferers of diabetes. It can track type 1, type 2, or gestational diabetes. You can set this app up in two ways. The first is to track your own health where you can put your own stuff in or you can set it up to track a family member or even a pet if needed. It tracks a bunch of metrics, including insulin intake, carbohydrates, and blood sugar levels (in mmol/l or mg/dl). The free version is okay for simple use. There is a subscription option with a bunch of extra features, including Bluetooth integration with some glucose meters, cloud syncing, and better export options.

Glucose Tracker and Diary

Price: Free / $ 3.49

Glucose Tracker and Diary is one of the simpler diabetes apps for things like blood sugar, insulin intake, and other metrics. You can use either major measurement you want and it also supports bread units to track your carbohydrate intake. There is also a tag system in place so you can know when any given measurement was taken. The UI is easy enough to use and everything is reasonably well presented. We also like this app because it requires only a single payment instead of a subscription like most others. The only downside is no support for Bluetooth glucose meters like other diabetes apps sometimes have.

Glucose Tracker and Diary screenshot

Google Play Books (or similar apps)

Price: Free / Varies

There is a lot of published material on the topic of diabetes. The books contain all sorts of information such as methods to cope with the disease, cookbooks with diabetic-friendly recipes, and books about the disease itself (what causes it, what’s happening to your body, etc). You’re going to spend the rest of your life with it, you might as well get to know it better, right? Google Play Books is a good app for this because you can read ebooks or listen to audiobooks. Amazon Kindle and Audible are two more excellent options as well. Here’s a list of excellent ebook readers and audiobook apps if you want to browse even more options.

Google Play Books screenshot 2019 Final

Little Bytes Blood Glucose Tracker

Price: Free / $ 1.00

Little Bytes Blood Glucose Tracker is another simple, effective blood sugar tracker. It also uses the tag system so you know when you took any given measurement. Additionally, you can filter by tag, use both major types of measurements, check out statistics, and you can export and import in case you change your phone. It uses Google Drive and Dropbox as your backup options so you don’t have to pay extra for cloud storage, which we always appreciate. It also has Wear OS support and medication tracking if you need that. It’s one of the better diabetes apps.

Little Bytes Blood Glucose Tracker screenshot


MyNetDiary Diabetes and Diet Tracker

Price: $ 9.99

MyNetDiary is one of the most popular calorie counters on mobile. The company also has an app specifically for diabetic folks. It helps people with type 1, type 2, and gestational diabetes and you can track all kinds of stuff. You can input your blood sugar, tag it so you know when you took your levels, and log all of the food you eat along with its nutritional info. The food logging part takes a bit longer than we’d like, but it does work and it is effective. This one has some bugs like most apps, but the bugs here are amplified by its $ 9.99 price tag. You do get syncing to MyNetDiary for backups, though, and you can import on a new device easily.

MyNetDiary Diabetes and Diet Tracker screenshot


Price: Free / $ 2.99 per month / $ 27.99 per year / Varies

mySugr is one of the popular diabetes apps for mobile. It integrates with Bluetooth glucose meters and logs your blood sugar levels, food intake, insulin levels, medicine intake, and carb intake. The free version has a decent selection of features. Those who go pro also get a smarter search function, an insulin calculator, PDF exports, reminders, meal photos, and basal rates for insulin pump users. The subscription is actually less than many competitors and that makes it an easier choice than most to recommend.

mySugr screenshot 2020

Yummly Recipes

Price: Free / Up to $ 4.99

Yummly is one of many recipe apps. This one has a relatively decent selection of diabetic-friendly recipes. Diabetes inevitably means changing your diet and that means you’ll need some new recipes to eat. Yummly has over two million recipes that range from breakfast to dinner and even things like desserts and cocktails. You also get video tutorials, a built-in timer, and some other tools. We also recommend My Cookbook so you can start building a collection of recipes you really like. 

Yummly screenshot 2020

Your doctor’s official app

Price: Free (usually)

Many doctors offices and practices have full apps now. They’re usually apart of a larger network. For instance, my doctor is part of the Healow network (linked at the button). Your official doctor’s app may have a bunch of useful features, including a way to schedule appointments without calling in, a quick method to request medication refills, and information about your condition and vitals. Thanks to the COVID-19 pandemic, many of these apps may offer video calls with your doctor to help you skip visits in general. It’s definitely worth looking to see if your doctor uses an official app.

Healow screenshot 2020

Blood Sugar Meter apps

Price: Free / Device costs vary

There are a variety of digital glucose meters these days. Many of them now have mobile apps. You simply connect to the device via Bluetooth and the app downloads data straight from the device. It works a lot like fitness trackers, actually. The device keeps some data on it and you sync it to see your stats. Some apps, like mySugr, integrate directly with these devices but the official apps can sometimes have features other apps don’t have. We have Dario linked below, but there are a ton of great options.

related 2
If we missed any great diabetes apps for Android, tell us about them in the comments! You can also click here to check out more Android apps and games lists!

Android Authority

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Netflix for Android now has a screen lock option to prevent clumsiness

Netflix best TV Shows section on smartphone 2

Have you ever accidentally touched your phone’s display while watching Netflix? Isn’t it irritating when your timeline gets scrubbed randomly, or you end up pausing the show, or worse, you skip an entire episode by mistake?

Well, Netflix has heard you. At least its Android users. The streaming platform has added (h/t: 9to5Google) a new screen lock option to the media controls on its Android app. The option is visible on the bottom left of the Netflix UI when you start streaming something.

Pressing the screen lock option locks the entire UI, including the play/pause buttons. This ensures accidental touches don’t hamper your viewing experience. You won’t be able to access the player controls until you tap on the “Screen Locked” button to unlock the UI.

It’s a small feature addition, but could go a long way, especially if you’re watching Netflix on your phone with kids. Below is a GIF showing how exactly the screen lock feature works, courtesy of 9to5Google.

netflix screen lock9to5Google

Looking for recommendations on what to watch on Netflix? Check out these links below.

The best indie movies on Netflix
Best heath and food documentaries on Netflix
The very best movies on Netflix
The 10 best sci-fi movies on Netflix

More posts about Netflix

Android Authority

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5 Android apps you shouldn’t miss this week! – Android Apps Weekly [311]

AAW Gwent screenshot
Welcome to the 311th edition of Android Apps Weekly! Here are the big headlines from the last week.

  • A few Google services went down earlier this week. This seems to happen a lot with all of the extra load on networks due to stay-at-home orders. However, this particular failure was a router problem in the southern United States. The issue was swiftly solved and things are back to normal. However, do expect some connection issues with how hard the Internet is used right now.
  • Huawei introduced Celia this week. It’s basically Huawei’s version of Google Assistant. It works a lot like a super basic version of a voice assistant app. You can use it to set alarms, check weather, create reminders, and send messages. In other words, it does the usual stuff. It also only uses certain search engines in certain regions. It comes pre-loaded on the Huawei P40 Pro.
  • Last week, we talked about the US partnering with companies to track your phone and the coronavirus. It turns out the same thing is happening in the EU. The commission promises to make the data anonymous, but use smartphone movements to track people to get an idea of how the coronavirus spreads. Of course, people are concerned as they are in the US. Hit the link to learn more details.
  • The Weather Channel app is a surprisingly good spot to track COVID-19’s spread through the US. The new feature is a new section within the official app and lets you track things across the country, or state by state. For instance, you can check Montana and see the progression of the illness. We highly recommend it because it is from a neutral source with a long history of reliability.
  • There were many smaller incidents involving coronavirus this week, especially with the new stay-at-home orders. For instance, a 77-year old man in Spain was fined for playing Pokemon Go in public. In addition, YouTube and Netflix are cutting stream quality to 480p to relieve data usage across the world and not just in the EU. However, it’s not all bad news. Google Play Movies may provide some free movies for people to watch while they’re stuck at home. Hit all the links for more details!


Price: Free to play

DragonSky is a new idle and merge game from Com2uS, the developers of Summoners War and other games. It plays like most idle and merge games. You start with a single character, merge it with a copy of itself to make a new character, and continue on this path until you have a massive collection of characters. Characters are dragons in this game and, to be honest, they’re fairly adorable. You clear stages with your dragons, earn experience points, and do other stuff as well. The game has its ups and downs and we expect it to improve more over time. However, the free to play aspects are a little strong with this one and Com2uS should probably calm down with the in-app purchases a little bit.

Almighty Volume Keys

Price: Free / $ 2.49

Almighty Volume Keys is a customization app for your volume keys. You can change the functionality to do a variety of things, including control music, record sound, turn your flashlight on and off, turn Bluetooth on and off, and do some other stuff. In addition, the app includes Tasker support and, of course, you can change the volume as well. It worked well in our testing and most people seem to have little if any trouble with it. This is an excellent app for remapping your volume keys.

Almighty Volume Keys screenshot

War of the Visions FFBE

Price: Free to play

War of the Visions FFBE is the follow up to Square Enix’s insanely popular and good Final Fantasy Brave Exvius game from a few years ago. This one takes place in the same game universe, but instead uses Final Fantasy Tactics style game play instead of the traditional mobile RPG. It has the usual gacha elements, including character summons of various rarities along with upgrades, gear, and stuff like that. The combat is a bit slow, but the game makes up for it by giving you an auto-battle button for easier grinding. We have no doubt this will climb in popularity just like the regular Final Fantasy Brave Exvius.

Facebook Creator Studio

Price: Free

Facebook Creator Studio is the latest app from the social media giant. This one lets creators mess around with their creations before it goes live on Facebook. You can check out analytics about your videos, manage your Facebook posts, and even respond to messages from fans of your page. The app started out quite poorly with a lot of bugs, hiccups, and sections not working properly. However, it should improve over time and, hopefully, this is the last app Facebook releases for this sort of thing for a while.

Facebook Creator Studio screenshot

Gwent: The Witcher Card Game

Price: Free to play

Gwent: The Witcher Card Game is, well, a mobile version of the card game from The Witcher series. The game boasts a fair progression system free of pay-to-win elements, plenty of cards to collect, plenty of deck combinations to build, and plenty of online PvP. The game isn’t a 100% faithful rendition of the version from The Witcher series, but it’s more than close enough to scratch that itch. The Witcher fans have already left to go download the game, but it’s good even if you haven’t played the games.

More posts about Android apps and game lists!

If we missed any big Android apps or games news, updates, or releases, tell us about it in the comments or hit me up on Twitter!

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Android 11 could introduce app shortcuts in the power menu

google pixel 4 xl oh so orange display home screen 2

According to XDA Developers, the Android 11 power menu could soon include a new Quick controls section, featuring a tweaked UI and custom app shortcuts. XDA first caught wind of the potential addition in the Android 11 DP1 code, but it wasn’t able to get it working at all until Android 11 DP2.

The below screenshots come from XDA forums member Quinny899. He was able to develop an application that utilizes the new in-development API after analyzing the developer preview’s framework.

The new Android 11 power menu reveals a rearranged UI with the Emergency, Power off, Restart, and Screenshot buttons moved to the top, leaving the majority of the menu available for the Quick controls. There’s also a menu button that opens an Add controls activity menu. This should allow the user to select which shortcuts to add to the Quick controls menu, though we don’t know for sure which apps would be able to take advantage of this yet.

Read also: How to install Android 11 Developer Preview 2 — a step by step guide

XDA believes Google will reserve this area for home automation shortcuts, thanks to a list of “valid device types” it found in the code. The list features devices like fans, coffee makers, AC units, curtains, and more, so the outlet’s theory makes sense, though it’s unverified at this time.

So far, there is no sign of the Quick Access Wallet functionality that Google introduced in the second Pixel feature drop. There’s plenty of space at the bottom of the power menu for Android 11 to implement this feature, but it’s not present in the screenshots.

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10 best new Android games from February 2020!

Android gaming is getting bigger and better every month it seems and there is always a slew of new titles coming to Google Play. Whether you’re a casual gamer or you want something with a bit more meat on its bones, there’s usually a game coming out to suit everyone’s taste. Some months are better than others, but there is usually at least one great new game on mobile every month. Let’s take a look at the best new Android games from the last month! You can watch the videos on YouTube from previous months by clicking here! You can also check out our picks for the best new Android games for 2019 in the video above! 

Digaea 1 Complete

Price: $ 32.99

Digaea 1 Complete is a mobile port of the popular PlayStation 2 game. This game includes the original game in all of its glory along with some smartphone-only features such as auto-battle, a fast forward mode for fast grinding, a cheat shop, cloud saving, and more. The game itself is a strategy RPG with a deep story and tons of extra stuff to do. The game is hilariously expensive at $ 32.99 so we only recommend picking it up on sale. However, we were happy to see the developers release updates for stability issues reported by early adopters.


Price: Free to play

Kick-Flight is an entertaining and interesting arcade game. It’s entirely PvP and online against real players. You fly around an open map and do combat with others. It’s similar to games like Brawl Stars in terms of pure premise. This one adds a vertical element as well as a horizontal one and it makes the game feel oddly fresh. It has the occasional bug, but so do all new games so we didn’t judge it too harshly.

Lucid Adventure

Price: Free to play

Lucid Adventure is a mobile RPG title and a spin-off of the popular webtoon. You start as a former number one champion who lost all of his powers. Players help recover those powers in the story mode of this game. It has the usual array of powerful skills and playable characters. There is also an online PvP mode, various events, and the usual mobile RPG stuff. It’s a solid overall game with a fun story and even the bugs aren’t that bad.

Might & Magic: Chess Royale

Price: Free

Might & Magic: Chess Royale is a departure from the game’s usual genre. This is an auto chess game and it plays like most auto chess games. You drop into a 100-player battle royale and the winner is the last player standing. These games have reasonably good strategy elements and Might & Magic is no exception. Plus, you can collect a bunch of heroes from the iconic franchise and games only last a maximum of ten minutes. It’s far from perfect, but it’s an excellent start and a decent entrant into the growing genre.

Overdrive City

Price: Free to play

Overdrive City is a racing simulator similar in premise to Kairosoft’s Grand Prix Story. You create a company, manufacture cards, and race them to victory. The game includes 50 car models from brands you actually know, a bunch of vehicle customizations, and some other features as well. It also doesn’t take itself too seriously and you can do things like a build a city with racing asphalt roads. Finally, you get a career mode and there are some social elements as well. It’s a solid game overall.

Pico Tanks

Price: Free to play

Pico Tanks is an entertaining online battle game. You and other players join up against a team of opponents to see who can duke it out to victory. The game includes a few game modes such as a capture the flag variant, a standard deathmatch, and a neutral flag game where you fetch cargo and return it to your base. There are decent controls and aside from a few hiccups here and there, the game runs pretty well. We’re absolutely not fans of the game’s in-app purchase strategy, though, and we recommend bailing out if the pay-to-win aspects get too obnoxious.

Shadowgun War Games

Price: Free to play

Shadowgun War Games is the biggest game launch for February 2020. It’s by MADFINGER Games, the same developers of Dead Trigger, UNKILLED, and the other Shadowgun games. This one is similar in scope to online battlers like Overwatch. You select a character with unique abilities and use those abilities to gain an edge against opponents. Matches are relatively quick, the graphics are reasonably good, and the controls are classic mobile FPS. There is also hardware controller support if you want it. The game is very much still in the feedback and improvement stage so the Google Play rating is a bit lower than it probably should be. The game should definitely improve over time and it’s already pretty good now.

Sins Raid

Price: Free to play

Sins Raid is a second good strategy RPG from February 2020. Players can select their own heroes complete with team role, lore, and other stuff. Some other game features include decent controls, the ability to control multiple characters as once, solo game modes, multiplayer game modes, and even an official Discord server to talk with other players. There are some pay-to-win elements, but they’re easily enough to ignore if you stick with the single player modes.

Summer Catchers

Price: $ 3.99

Summer Catchers is the latest game from Noodlecake Studios, developers of Alto’s Odyssey. This one is a 2D side-scroller with platformer elements along with some rhythm game, puzzle, and racing elements. It’s a neat array of genres and the game includes all of them quite well. It feels more modern than its colorful retro graphics would suggest and players can unlock a bunch of abilities and such to get through the game easier. This is a premium game so there are no additional micro transactions. You can’t pay your way to the end of this one.

Symphogear XD Unlimited

Price: Free to play

Symphogear XD Unlimited is a weird mixture of mobile RPG and the anime idol genre. Players collect various anime girls and use them to beat up on opponents. The moves are hilariously over-the-top and the battle system is easy enough to learn. The game has some early optimization issues and long loading times. Plus, the cloud saving feature is very convoluted and we don’t know why since Google Play Games cloud saving exists. In any case, this one is quite entertaining if you like loud, flashy anime games with RPG elements.

If we missed any great new Android games, tell us about them in the comments! You can also click here to check out our latest Android apps and games lists!

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