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Poll: How do you feel about the Nintendo Switch in 2020?

PlayStation 4 and Nintendo Switch 12

The Nintendo Switch is now over three years old and rumors of a Nintendo Switch 2 are still few and far between. So, it looks like we’re going to be sticking with the original Switch and Switch Lite for the foreseeable future.

The Switch has been praised for years for its portability, seamless ability to switch (ha!) between handheld and the TV, and its wide selection of games. This device isn’t perfect, though. Joy-Con drift is a real problem (the Nintendo president recently apologized), battery life is pretty short, and lots of people are dealing with their Joy-Cons disconnecting at random times. For many, the Switch 2 can’t come soon enough.

What are your thoughts on the Nintendo Switch in 2020? Are you still loving it? Hating it? Can’t wait for the Switch 2? Cast your vote in the poll and be sure to speak up in the comments with your thoughts.

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Best of Android is back for a 2020 mid-year showdown, and more tech news today

Your tech news digest, by way of the DGiT Daily tech newsletter, for Monday, July 13.

1. The Best of Android: Mid-2020 is here!

My colleagues at Android Authority have been toiling away in the lab and behind the scenes seeking to bring you a guide to the best Android phones of 2020, in a mid-year review.

Previously a once-a-year-winners list, the new mid-year guide looks at all phones released in 2020 thus far, by “removing any uncertainty by subjecting the best smartphones of today to a battery of unique tests that can definitively separate the real deal from the hype machine.”

And there’s more to the story this time around:

  • By now, most people understand that the overall experience they get from their phone is more than megapixel count, battery size, or how fast it charges.
  • In 2020, we all know that phones are better than ever, but the intangibles around value, software stability, after-sales service, mainstream availability, are equally important. If you can’t buy it, it’s not much good sitting on the top step of a podium.
  • And this time around, the data results haven’t been framed by third-party benchmarking tools, which can lead to clever tricks or cheating by maker. Instead, all of the performance and battery data used in Best of Android: Mid-2020 has been sourced from a custom version of Speed Test G, cooked up by Gary Sims himself.

The details cover lots of ground, offering a look at all key aspects of a phone. Here’s how it’ll shake out:

  • Sunday: Best of Android: Mid-2020 — Audio (live now)
  • Monday: Best of Android: Mid-2020 — Display (later today)
  • Tuesday: Best of Android: Mid-2020 — Battery
  • Wednesday: Best of Android: Mid-2020 — Performance
  • Thursday: Best of Android: Mid-2020 — Camera
  • Friday: Best of Android: Mid-2020 — Value
  • Saturday: Best of Android: Mid-2020 overall winner (Editor’s Choice)
  • Sunday: Voting starts for the Best of Android: Mid-2020 Reader’s Choice winner.

  • Sunday’s Audio award went to the LG V60 (above), thanks to its headphone jack and 32-bit Quad DAC which impressively powers just about any headphones you might have, all the way to low impedance headphones.
  • Without getting too far into audiophile territory, with improving support for better codecs, aptX, HD/LDAC support, and even FLAC decoding, surprisingly decent audio quality is becoming more common.
  • The overall takeout: audio quality is better than it ever has been for most smartphones.

Display: As I write, the Display category winner has just been revealed.

  • Display tests for clarity, color accuracy, gamma, and quality revealed that OLED devices still rule the roost, with not a single LCD in the top-ranks.
  • Top three? The OnePlus 8 Pro, 2020 Galaxy S20, S20 Plus, and S20 Ultra flagships, and the Huawei P40 the top three.

2. Somehow, 125W charging is coming this week. The idea is you’ll be able to get to 100% charge in 15 minutes, which is crazy. Very interested in how the battery chemistry can handle the heat generated, and how this affects the overall lifespan (Android Authority). Also, there’s a demonstration of 120W charging from iQoo (beware the audio is super loud).

3. You told us: Even with smart TVs, you’re mostly using streaming dongles (Android Authority).

4. Lenovo Yoga X: an Android tablet that can also be a second screen? (Android Authority).

5. One of the shocks on Friday was that Amazon had banned TikTok from phones accessing Amazon email accounts for security reasons. Within hours, though, Amazon issued a retraction and said the whole thing was in error. I’ve talked to a bunch of people who only saw the original headline and assumed it’s still true. Which it isn’t. For now. (The Verge).

6. Google has announced a $ 10 billion ‘Google for India Digitization Fund’ to help accelerate India’s digital economy (blog.google). On that note: Digital payment transactions in India reached an all-time high in June, as people avoid handling banknotes amid the coronavirus pandemic (Bloomberg).

7. Here’s a website that allows you to experience what it is like to live with dyslexia (geon.github.io)

8. The four biggest announcements from Ubisoft’s not-E3 event: FarCry 6, Assassin’s Creed Valhalla, more (The Verge). Also: Three Ubisoft executives leave amid misconduct allegations (Engadget).

9. Why is this copy of Super Mario Bros. worth a record $ 114,000? (Ars Technica).

10. How to trick your brain to remember almost anything (Wired).

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iPhone SE 2020 reviews point to just one small hitch, and more tech news today

Your tech news digest, by way of the DGiT Daily tech newsletter, for Thursday, April 23. 

1. iPhone SE 2020 reviews: it’s great, not a battery beast

Last week I said the iPhone SE 2020 was good enough for most people. I can now add easily.

Now iPhone SE 2020 reviews are out, and the summary is compelling and remarkably similar across different reviews: Apple’s new small phone is a smash at $ 399.

  • It’s not perfect, it’s by no means better than the iPhone 11, and it’s not an upgrade for most people.
  • For those considering upgrading, it’s a phone without many compromises, especially for Apple.

Normally I’d linger on interesting review points or disagreements, but the reviews keep saying the same thing, with lots of high marks and star ratings:

  • The biggest improvements over the iPhone 8 come from the A13 chip, notably in a better camera. While there’s just one 12MP lens, like the Pixel 3a, it’s very capable of shooting good if not wonderful shots. The main downside is that there’s no low-light camera mode.
  • Other than that, the size and form factor appeal to many. The giant bezels are tired and don’t really make the most of the device, but many reviewers point out that this just feels normal for those with older iPhones already looking to upgrade.
  • Also, fast LTE (without 5G) and Wi-Fi 6 compatibility, plus wireless charging.
  • Focusing on battery life for a second: most rated it good, not great. It lasts a day but, for example, instead of coasting home with 40% battery life to spare, you might be down to 20%. All other iPhones in Apple’s range do better. CNET reckoned battery life was great based on battery tests, Wired was more pointed in explaining real-life usage examples that led to needing to charge more than once a day.
  • If I bought one, I’d recommend a battery pack case, but they’re not yet made for the iPhone SE 2020 per Apple.com listings, so third-party is your answer for now.
  • The Verge recommended paying $ 50 more to upgrade from 64GB storage to 128GB, noting overall that the iPhone SE is a great deal and a great smartphone.
  • The reviews are so positive you almost need to remember what you get when paying double for premium smartphones: better and more versatile cameras, bigger more brilliant screens for multimedia, longer-lasting devices, 5G for super-fast wireless networking, and more in the box, like fast-charging.
  • Devices like the S20 range, LG V60, or the OnePlus 8, or indeed the iPhone 11 feel more like computers in your pocket, while the iPhone SE is a capable smartphone.

2. The Motorola Edge launched yesterday on schedule and everything we thought we knew was about right: this new flagship looks like it can keep up with the best from Samsung, OnePlus, LG, and others, but at $ 1000, and locked down with Verizon in the US. It looks promising in terms of what a good phone may be, but there are no reviews yet, just hands on. Oddly, no details yet on global pricing. Full reviews to come (Android Authority).

4. What if your smart speaker could react to sounds in your home? For example, a doorbell ringing, or microwave ding (Android Authority).

5. A new zero-click, zero-day critical iPhone and iPad bug may be under active attack. Patch coming. Until then, “disable Mail on your iThing,†writes The Register.

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10 best new Android games from February 2020!

Android gaming is getting bigger and better every month it seems and there is always a slew of new titles coming to Google Play. Whether you’re a casual gamer or you want something with a bit more meat on its bones, there’s usually a game coming out to suit everyone’s taste. Some months are better than others, but there is usually at least one great new game on mobile every month. Let’s take a look at the best new Android games from the last month! You can watch the videos on YouTube from previous months by clicking here! You can also check out our picks for the best new Android games for 2019 in the video above! 

Digaea 1 Complete

Price: $ 32.99

Digaea 1 Complete is a mobile port of the popular PlayStation 2 game. This game includes the original game in all of its glory along with some smartphone-only features such as auto-battle, a fast forward mode for fast grinding, a cheat shop, cloud saving, and more. The game itself is a strategy RPG with a deep story and tons of extra stuff to do. The game is hilariously expensive at $ 32.99 so we only recommend picking it up on sale. However, we were happy to see the developers release updates for stability issues reported by early adopters.


Price: Free to play

Kick-Flight is an entertaining and interesting arcade game. It’s entirely PvP and online against real players. You fly around an open map and do combat with others. It’s similar to games like Brawl Stars in terms of pure premise. This one adds a vertical element as well as a horizontal one and it makes the game feel oddly fresh. It has the occasional bug, but so do all new games so we didn’t judge it too harshly.

Lucid Adventure

Price: Free to play

Lucid Adventure is a mobile RPG title and a spin-off of the popular webtoon. You start as a former number one champion who lost all of his powers. Players help recover those powers in the story mode of this game. It has the usual array of powerful skills and playable characters. There is also an online PvP mode, various events, and the usual mobile RPG stuff. It’s a solid overall game with a fun story and even the bugs aren’t that bad.

Might & Magic: Chess Royale

Price: Free

Might & Magic: Chess Royale is a departure from the game’s usual genre. This is an auto chess game and it plays like most auto chess games. You drop into a 100-player battle royale and the winner is the last player standing. These games have reasonably good strategy elements and Might & Magic is no exception. Plus, you can collect a bunch of heroes from the iconic franchise and games only last a maximum of ten minutes. It’s far from perfect, but it’s an excellent start and a decent entrant into the growing genre.

Overdrive City

Price: Free to play

Overdrive City is a racing simulator similar in premise to Kairosoft’s Grand Prix Story. You create a company, manufacture cards, and race them to victory. The game includes 50 car models from brands you actually know, a bunch of vehicle customizations, and some other features as well. It also doesn’t take itself too seriously and you can do things like a build a city with racing asphalt roads. Finally, you get a career mode and there are some social elements as well. It’s a solid game overall.

Pico Tanks

Price: Free to play

Pico Tanks is an entertaining online battle game. You and other players join up against a team of opponents to see who can duke it out to victory. The game includes a few game modes such as a capture the flag variant, a standard deathmatch, and a neutral flag game where you fetch cargo and return it to your base. There are decent controls and aside from a few hiccups here and there, the game runs pretty well. We’re absolutely not fans of the game’s in-app purchase strategy, though, and we recommend bailing out if the pay-to-win aspects get too obnoxious.

Shadowgun War Games

Price: Free to play

Shadowgun War Games is the biggest game launch for February 2020. It’s by MADFINGER Games, the same developers of Dead Trigger, UNKILLED, and the other Shadowgun games. This one is similar in scope to online battlers like Overwatch. You select a character with unique abilities and use those abilities to gain an edge against opponents. Matches are relatively quick, the graphics are reasonably good, and the controls are classic mobile FPS. There is also hardware controller support if you want it. The game is very much still in the feedback and improvement stage so the Google Play rating is a bit lower than it probably should be. The game should definitely improve over time and it’s already pretty good now.

Sins Raid

Price: Free to play

Sins Raid is a second good strategy RPG from February 2020. Players can select their own heroes complete with team role, lore, and other stuff. Some other game features include decent controls, the ability to control multiple characters as once, solo game modes, multiplayer game modes, and even an official Discord server to talk with other players. There are some pay-to-win elements, but they’re easily enough to ignore if you stick with the single player modes.

Summer Catchers

Price: $ 3.99

Summer Catchers is the latest game from Noodlecake Studios, developers of Alto’s Odyssey. This one is a 2D side-scroller with platformer elements along with some rhythm game, puzzle, and racing elements. It’s a neat array of genres and the game includes all of them quite well. It feels more modern than its colorful retro graphics would suggest and players can unlock a bunch of abilities and such to get through the game easier. This is a premium game so there are no additional micro transactions. You can’t pay your way to the end of this one.

Symphogear XD Unlimited

Price: Free to play

Symphogear XD Unlimited is a weird mixture of mobile RPG and the anime idol genre. Players collect various anime girls and use them to beat up on opponents. The moves are hilariously over-the-top and the battle system is easy enough to learn. The game has some early optimization issues and long loading times. Plus, the cloud saving feature is very convoluted and we don’t know why since Google Play Games cloud saving exists. In any case, this one is quite entertaining if you like loud, flashy anime games with RPG elements.

If we missed any great new Android games, tell us about them in the comments! You can also click here to check out our latest Android apps and games lists!

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Nokia announces MWC 2020 press event, but what will it launch?

Nokia MWC 2020 Invite

HMD Global has scheduled a press event for MWC 2020 where it’s expected to launch a number of Nokia phones. The event will take place on February 23 at 4PM local time (10AM ET). Meanwhile, MWC officially starts on February 24.

As you can see in the image above, the press invite for the Nokia event does not reveal much except for the date and time [the venue is redacted – ed]. However, we have some idea of what to expect from the house of HMD.

Nokia 9.2 PureView

It’s unlikely that we’ll witness the launch of a flagship Nokia phone at MWC 2020.

HMD has apparently delayed the so-called Nokia 9.2 PureView due to a last minute call on replacing an older chipset with the latest Snapdragon 865 flagship SoC.

Nokia 8.2

HMD Global previously confirmed a new 5G-ready smartphone powered by the Snapdragon 765G. The phone is reportedly called the Nokia 8.2 5G. Leaked details of the device suggest a glass-unibody design with a metallic frame.

The phone is expected to get a 6.2 inch IPS LCD display with HDR 10+ support.

Related: How low will 5G phone prices go in 2020?

It could house a 64MP quad rear camera setup with Zeiss optics and a 32MP selfie shooter.

The Nokia 8.2 5G is tipped to cost €459 (~$ 505). At this price, it will be one of the cheapest 5G phones out there.

Nokia 5.2

Aside from the Nokia 8.2 5G, we could also see the launch of the affordable Nokia 5.2 at MWC. Leaked specs of the phone include: a dated Snapdragon 632 chipset, a 6.2-inch LCD display, 16MP + 8MP dual primary cameras, an 8MP selfie shooter, and a 3,500mAh battery.

The Nokia 5.2 is expected to come with a price tag of €169 (~$ 186).

Nokia 1.3

The Nokia 1.3 is apparently an entry-level phone with 1GB RAM and 8GB of internal storage. It could be Nokia’s 2020 Android Go phone running the Android 10 (Go Edition) update. Rumor has it that the device will run on a MediaTek chipset.

Besides the three smartphones, Nokia could also launch a feature phone and a fitness wearable at the event.

What do you think of Nokia’s rumored MWC 2020 lineup? Let us know your thoughts in the comments section below.

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LG in 2020: Time for a turnaround

LG G8X ThinQ Review standing with wide view browser

Back in the beginning of the year, we said LG had an anonymous 2018. Sure, the company launched a good all-round flagship in the G7 ThinQ and a pioneering device in the triple camera-toting V40 ThinQ, but neither device could halt what has become a predictable pattern of disappointing financial results.

But if we thought the South Korean manufacturer had an anonymous 2018, nothing really prepared us for the year that was 2019. The company delivered another solid all-round flagship in the G8 ThinQ, and its first 5G phone in the LG V50 ThinQ. Unfortunately, neither device managed to make enough of a dent to catch leading Android OEMs like Samsung, Apple, and Huawei.

LG also released the LG G8X ThinQ at IFA 2019, which was essentially the definitive version of the G8. Albeit without a front-facing Time-of-Flight camera and packing a second screen case and bigger battery.

Can the tech giant’s smartphone division finally turn around its fortunes in 2020?

At the end of every year, we run a series of features here at Android Authority that looks back at the fortunes (and misfortunes) of the smartphone industry’s leading OEMs, while also predicting what lies ahead for each company in the coming twelve months. Today we’re casting an eye on LG.

Show More

LG in 2019: The bucket brigade gets bigger buckets

LG ThinQ Logo

LG kicked off the first quarter of 2019 with disappointing results, offering a year-on-year sales drop of almost 30%. The firm cited a sluggish smartphone market and the expansion of Chinese brands as the reasoning behind the poor performance, though LG has been employing near-identical damage control soundbites for years now.

Things didn’t improve in a big way throughout the rest of the year, as LG’s mobile division reported similarly bleak sales figures in each quarter. It cited everything from reduced global smartphone demand to marketing expenses and more. The key takeaway, however, was that it was seeing fewer people buy its smartphones than perhaps ever before.

Read: What to expect from 5G and 5G smartphones in 2020

There is a bright spot though, and that’s the division’s commitment to cutting costs and reorganizing in a bid to improve matters. Among these measures include the shuttering of a South Korean production plant in favor of shifting production to Vietnam. And these solutions have resulted in narrowing losses in a couple of quarters, perhaps serving as proof that the “turnaround expert” it hired in 2018 is managing to right the ship.

Cost-cutting and streamlining isn’t the answer to all LG’s woes.

Despite these shrinking losses, it’s clear that sales can only drop so much until no amount of cost-cutting and business streamlining can help. In other words, for LG to remain a presence in the smartphone market it needs a hit phone, and it needs it soon.

It’s really akin to a bucket brigade on a sinking ship gaining bigger buckets. Sure, you can bail out more water at once, but that doesn’t fix the ever-expanding hole in the hull.

What did it offer in 2019?

LG G8 ThinQ Review against mirror

We’re years removed from the disaster that was the LG G5 in 2016, and the company didn’t release a similarly gimmicky phone in 2019. But if any phone came close to those depths, it was the G8 ThinQ.

LG’s G-series flagship didn’t go for a modular design, but it offered a front-facing 3D ToF sensor that stood out for all the wrong reasons. Instead of using it for 3D face unlock, LG decided to implement Hand ID and Air Motion gesture control functionality.

Hand ID tries to unlock your phone by using the blood vessels in your hand to authenticate you. Air Motion is essentially similar to Samsung’s old gesture controls and the Pixel 4’s Motion Sense. But the bad news is that neither feature worked well, according to reviewers Eric Zeman and Jimmy Westenberg in our LG G8 review.

Read more: LG G8 ThinQ Hand ID and Air Motion: How do they work?

These gimmicky, unreliable features weren’t likely the only reason why LG’s early 2019 flagship failed to set the world alight. But it certainly didn’t help matters.

The firm also delivered the LG V50 ThinQ alongside the G8 ThinQ, marking the firm’s first foray into 5G. And the V50 delivered a second screen case, giving you a taste of foldable phones without a foldable display. LG then followed up at IFA 2019 with the LG G8X ThinQ, essentially dropping the front-facing 3D ToF camera and offering a bigger battery and a second screen case.

LG G8X ThinQ dual screen landscape in hand 1

You have to give props to LG for wanting to try something different in the first place, as it might only take one killer feature to make a hit phone. But it feels like even though the company is offering phones with stacked spec sheets each year, its flagship phones are simply tainted by virtue of having the LG logo on them. It certainly doesn’t help that camera quality — which has become one of the most important selling factors today — has generally lagged behind the competition for years now.

LG made a few encouraging steps elsewhere though, with perhaps its most notable move being the introduction of the W series of cheap smartphones. Featuring relatively capable budget chipsets, triple or dual cameras, and big batteries, the W series also offered respectable price tags. In fact, the firm reportedly noted that sales were better than expected in India, and it apparently hopes to sell a million units by the end of the year.

What will it offer in 2020?

LG V50 ThinQ Review 5G

If Huawei doesn’t secure Google services next year, LG will only have itself to blame if it doesn’t see an uptick in sales. LG has long been leaning on the US market for success, but the EMEA markets are ripe for an alternative to Huawei if the US trade ban continues. Operators in these markets will only be too keen to make up for the shortfall by teaming up with a dependable brand.

In fact, it’s looking more and more likely that the Huawei/Google situation will stretch into the new year. It’s believed that the Huawei P40 series will offer Huawei services in lieu of Google Play Services (if it’s not simply a rebranded P30 series). We’ve already seen many operators show a reluctance to range the Huawei Mate 30 series owing to its lack of Google support, so the LG V60 ThinQ (tipped to arrive at MWC 2020) could still allow networks to keep their eggs in several baskets.

2020 feels like a do-or-die year for LG’s smartphone ambitions.

Away from the LG V60, the firm has previously stated that its G-series devices will be 4G phones from now on. That may change now that Qualcomm is bundling 5G modems as standard with its top-end chipsets (and mid-range for that matter), so it looks like the G-series will either gain 5G hardware or use less capable processors if it appears in 2020.

We’ve also seen a recent trend towards affordable flagships, with the likes of Xiaomi, Realme, and even Samsung offering cheaper high-end phones. The LG G8X was a pretty good deal at $ 699, so here’s hoping the brand steps things up in 2020.

LG G8X ThinQ LG logo

LG’s best bet for relevance in the smartphone sector might not be at the top end of the market though, as the US market slowly veers towards mid-range phones and global demand skews cheaper. Counterpoint Research’s Q3 2019 report found that three of the top ten smartphones for the quarter were Galaxy A series devices. So 2020 is a good a time as any to offer more W series phones or affordable flagships from the get-go, striking a similar balance between features and price.

Going for the mid-range and below will likely need to be LG’s theme for 2020, with affordable 5G devices a priority for the likes of Nokia, Motorola, Xiaomi, and others as well. We’ve also seen the likes of Samsung outsource production and design of budget phones to China, so this could be another way for LG to deliver cheap phones to take on competitive Chinese brands.

One thing we didn’t see in 2019 was a foldable smartphone, as LG chose to skip this design in favor of phones with a second screen case. Between Samsung’s teething issues with the Galaxy Fold and the long gestation period for the Huawei Mate X, hindsight says LG was wise to wait out a year. The absence of even a prototype device in 2020 will certainly give the impression that LG isn’t at the forefront of technology, especially when it manufactures plastic OLED screens that could be used in foldables in the first place.

It certainly feels like a do-or-die year for LG in 2020. While its business at large is booming, it surely can’t be long until its top execs start looking at smartphones as a lost cause if it endures another torrid year.

Still, narrowing losses mean the mobile division is closer than its been in years to actually making that elusive turnaround.

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Huawei Mate X isn’t even out in West, but Mate Xs is confirmed for 2020 launch

Huwei Mate X Edited unloded on table 1

The Huawei Mate X has only just launched in China, coming in at ~$ 2400, but the company is already looking forward to 2020.

Huawei announced the Mate Xs at the Chinese Mate X event this week, according to Droidholic (via GSMArena). This particular model differs from the standard Mate X by offering a Kirin 990 chipset instead of the older Kirin 980. The Kirin 990 debuted in the brand-new Mate 30 series, while the Kirin 980 appeared in the Mate 20 and P30 family.

This isn’t the first time we heard about a Mate X with a Kirin 990 though, as the company’s Richard Yu told journalists at IFA 2019 that it was considering a chipset upgrade.

The Huawei Mate Xs is also coming next year.Droidholic

There’s no word on any other changes between the Huawei Mate Xs and Mate X, so those wishing for periscope zoom or the Mate 30 Pro‘s 40MP ultra-wide camera will need to keep wishing.

Huawei reportedly noted that the tweaked foldable phone would launch in March 2020. It’s unclear if this is a Chinese or global launch, but the US trade ban situation would likely play a big part in determining this. Huawei is unable to pre-install Google services on its new devices as a result of the ban. But a global launch would certainly be more likely if the ban is lifted by then, allowing Huawei and Google to work together once again.

We’ve contacted Huawei for more information regarding the Mate Xs, and will update the article accordingly. Nevertheless, it looks like the foldable phone war will be heating up in 2020 as well.

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