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How Nokia Could Return To Dominance – Android Q&A

How Nokia Could Return To Dominance - Android Q&A

Use Coupon Code “Android” at checkout Jayce talks about what Nokia might do to return to dominate the mobile device world Article:…
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Video Rating: 4 / 5

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50 Responses to “How Nokia Could Return To Dominance – Android Q&A”

  1. Android Authority says:

    How Nokia Could Return To Dominance – Android Q&A +Jayce Broda See Article:

  2. Jayce Broda says:

    How Nokia Could Return To Dominance – Android Q&A See Article:

  3. Devilrose says:

    Its hard for Nokia to come back cause they have no more factories for
    creating mobile devices.
    Also their mobile division is already bought by microsoft, that includes
    their design, pureview tech etc.

    But Im wishing them the best though, Nokia made a terrible choice for
    having an ex microsoft employee as CEO.

  4. Andy G Griesser says:

    nokia could make a high end smartphone with a big battery everybody will
    buy it! :D

  5. Diveek Kitawat says:

    According to me, Nokia should try to grab the Smartwatch market & Make
    phone’s on both android & Windows platforms (Admit it, Now Windows Platform
    Have grown up), and add-ons like Motorola does to their phones to make them
    more useful.
    And you said it, people still wanna buy Nokia phones so they should take
    their old retro design and “redesign” a bit to make new phone’s
    One More thing Nokia should make their real retro phones run Android (Like
    Lg did in flip phone)
    Now with Windows with lesser flaws and Android on other hand Nokia won’t
    And Nokia Should Make The Nokia Lumia 1520 Note and That should be the most
    “professional ” Editor Ever

  6. shamal chand says:

    Nokia should go back to its roots and build an unbreakable phone, gone are
    the days of putting glass screen protectors and stupid cases.

  7. Azan Shafiq says:

    Nokia already has a catagory, phones for old people or for people who know
    nothing about phones and they just want something to call and maybe text.
    They made a lot of money with the Asha series because the UI was simple abd
    the design was awesome. Believe it or not, they’re making lots of money
    from that and even though theyre not famous among the flagship monster
    phones they dont want to be like that.

  8. Sebastian Bartlett says:

    Wish you would say Nokia right

  9. Ash Chapman says:

    Had to stop watching sorry. How you was pronouncing Nokia was just winding
    me up xD

  10. OfficialHolyhunter0 says:

    I hope Nokia is seeing this video… 

  11. Cj Concepcion says:

    Windows Ten seems to be a improvement and Mircosoft Halolens seems to be
    what you want

    unless they figure a way to do it without glasses then that would be in

  12. Sebastian Arturo Araya Carvajal says:

    To me it’s quite simple actually.
    Small 4 inches phone.
    Flagship specs.
    Big battery.
    Latest version of Android out of the box and support for the foreseeable

  13. ezad viper says:

    a DSLR like camera phone

  14. JT Manuel says:

    Nokia doing pretty good when OPK was around running things. Symbian was at
    full swing; integrating both the UIQ and series 60 versions and incredible
    hardware. They were slowly transitioning to meego when the Microsoft trojan
    horse thaw was Stephen Elop sabotaged the company from within. Utterly
    destroying nokia with its burning platform propaganda so as to give an
    excuse to shift to windows phone. Little known fact: nokia, together with
    ericsson and motorola, made symbian from the remnants to epochOS to prevent
    Microsoft dominating the smartphone world like it did in pc’s; relegating
    the hardware manufacturer a carrier for windows. Anyway, at the time of the
    burning platform propaganda, symbian and meego was and still is, miles
    better than windows phone! So why on earth would they shift to windows
    unless elop was planted to acquire nokia for Microsoft to have a hardware
    arm for cheap! Don’t believe me? Elop was ousted from Microsoft before
    becoming CEO of nokia. Now, after the buyout, elop is back in Microsoft
    with a very cushy position. How was OPK ousted? The board stopped believing
    in him? Really?! Right before nokia was supposedly making a great push to
    regain market dominance by being independent? Or did Microsoft pay the
    board handsomely to get elop the top spot in the company? Why elop? Are
    there no one from within the company that could take OPK’s position?
    Conspiracy? I don’t know…there’s too much coincidences for it to be one.

    Just my opinion.

  15. Archis Khuspe says:

    I think they should start making smart watches with partnership with
    android wear

  16. KitkatRai says:

    Come on Google, buy Nokia! Spite Microsoft! (kidding)

  17. Debojyoti Jana says:

    Nokia I just love the brand! I think they should make android device for
    military ! Which is strong and have the longer battery life than any other
    smartphone manufacturer in the world and for common user they should make a
    dominant the gaming smartphone market with the best phone for gaming! Lag
    free gaming experience with a reasonable price!

  18. Martin Badger says:

    I think that Nokia should make small, incredibly durable smartphones. A lot
    of people want smaller phones that aren’t crap, but most companies are
    gearing towards bigger phones. If we want big, we get a tablet. Also, what
    is the biggest problem with smartphones? They break easily. They’re already
    known for the invincible 3310, and a phone that doesn’t break easily would
    be great. Metal build that’s waterproof with a sapphire screen would be the

  19. j29 says:

    A small phone that can project its display onto the surface it’s placed
    upon, from one of its sides, so you have a big display when you need it.
    And long battery life, of course.

  20. Sabeer Shamsudeen says:

    We need a device which we can see thru our imagination. We shouldnt see it
    physically, just imagine how we dream. If a person call or if thr is any
    update or post it should be read as we remember things. I know this is
    quite complex but this can save us from getting addicted to this shrinked
    world of screen.

  21. roboticmind23 says:

    nokia could develop tech underpants. lets the user know when they have to
    shit before they even know it.

  22. Hunter Klein says:

    What are Nokia’s phones known best for? Being indestructible of course!
    They need to make a smart phone that won’t break when dropped or crushes or
    whatever. Imagine the functionality of an iPhone or Android, but the
    durability of an old Nokia. Cases would never be needed again 

  23. David Agostinho says:

    Apple was not the first to create the tablet category. It already existed.
    There were tablets before, but in 2001 micrsoft had the tablet pc running
    windows, there were linux tablets with the nokia brand and there were
    androud tablets in 2009, before the ipad. You should know this.

  24. YazeedSaber says:

    Tough, unkillable phones!

  25. Ichigo Uzumaki says:

    It would be nice if +Nokia makes a top of the line smartphone powered by

  26. Alex Paúl says:

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  27. Mauro Araya Carvajal says:

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  28. Victor Lds says:

    Muy buenos juegos, excelente vídeo, gracias

  29. Anita Moreno says:

    Has un que hay en mi android para ver tus juegos y apps 

  30. manuel gomez says:

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    Felicidades por tu canal. 

  31. Lionel mestizo y narizon says:

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  32. TheMaximusfenix says:

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    Recién tengo un moto X.
    Y quería juegos…..así que gracias a este video llene mi teléfono de
    Me subscribo a tu canal y a el de tu hermano, por que son muy buenos!

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    por lo demás pues excelente aporte , gracias por compartir seguimos aquí
    suscritos y saludos ! 

  37. Brayan Siles says:

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  39. Erik Pilar says:

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    ojala sigas con el canal y solo una pregunta en este video el dispositivo
    que usaste es samsung pero que modelo es?? Gracias y sigue con tu exelente
    canal :3 saludos

  40. kristian skate says:

    Buen vídeo saludos

  41. ReviewDroid [Gamer ] says:

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  42. carlos gallardo says:

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  44. Esteban De Haro says:

    Buen Video.. Gracias Alex..!!
    Saludos Desde California U.S.A

  45. piKaChu says:

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  46. krlos tomy says:

    Por que habla así al final de cada oración? :s.

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  48. alocoz101 says:

    Que buen video sigue así amigo 

  49. Armando Montiel says:

    Primer comentario!!!!!!!

    Manda saludos alex!!! XD

  50. INVERSE says:

    me gusta cuando mencionas si el juego es ON/OFF line, ya sabes… el
    internet es caro
    PD: conoces algun juego de tipo rpg offline?


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