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Thanks to ZTE’s carefully-planned US strategy, it could soon overtake LG

ZTE’s smartphone shipments increased by 36 percent this past quarter, and if its growth continues, it might soon overtake LG to become the third largest smartphone manufacturer in the US.

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ZTE Blade Z Max VIP Giveaway

3 days ago

Even just few years ago, ZTE had essentially no brand recognition in the US – nobody bought it, and nobody knew what it was. However, the Android world has changed drastically since, with Chinese OEMs rising rapidly against more established brands like Samsung and LG. And ZTE is no exception. While its presence in China isn’t as strong as that of Huawei or Vivo, its carefully-planned US strategy seems to be paying off in what is arguably one of the most difficult markets to penetrate.

ZTE’s US smartphone shipments increased by 36 percent during the second quarter of this year to a commendable 4.8 million units.

According to the latest data by Counterpoint Technology, ZTE’s US smartphone shipments increased by 36 percent during the second quarter of this year to a commendable 4.8 million units, making it the fourth largest smartphone manufacturer in the country. ZTE had a 10.1 percent market share during the first quarter, which increased to 11.5 percent during the second quarter. In comparison, Samsung and Apple led the market with about 30 percent each with LG as a distant third with 15.4 percent.

As Lixin Cheng, the chief executive of ZTE’s mobile devices, explains, the US is a particularly difficult market to break into but offers a lot of opportunities:

The U.S. is the most competitive market, but we believe if we can manage the challenge well, it will drive the overall competitiveness of our company.

And Cheng is right – if ZTE manages to keep up its relationship with US carriers and bring affordable yet capable devices, its growth might continue and help the company overtake LG. LG’s smartphones aren’t doing well stateside, whose premium smartphones are priced too high to be competitive. However, as The Wall Street Journal points out, some analysts say that ZTE must build more rapport with US carriers. After all, most smartphone purchases are made through carriers in the US, and ZTE’s reliance on Amazon and Best Buy might hurt its chances to break into the top three.

Do you own a ZTE device? Do you think it could see continued growth over the next few quarters? Let us know by leaving a comment below!

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A rumored Motorola tablet could have a feature long awaited by many Android users

Android tablets have not been the best when it comes to actually getting work done. Even with the multiple window support for apps in Android 7.0 Nougat, its hard to switch between them for work. It’s much easier if you have a Windows laptop or tablet. Now, there’s word that an upcoming tablet from Motorola might have a feature that could make working with multiple apps easier.

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March 18, 2017

The report comes from Android Police, who received a slide that shows off this feature from an unnamed but trusted source. The slide shows that this tablet will have a productivity mode, which will allow for Android apps to be pinned on the navigation bar. The slide indicates that users should be able to switch between those apps by tapping on their icons in the nav bar. In theory, this should allow people to switch from a word processing app to a note taking app quickly without having to go to the normal Android home screen.

Keep in mind that this description is just based on what’s shown in the slide. It’s possible there’s more to this “productivity mode” than is shown in this single leaked image. The article also doesn’t reveal anything else about this future Motorola tablet. We don’t know its hardware specs, its size or weight. We also don’t have a release date or price tag. All of this could affect how well this “productivity mode” will work in the real world.

By the way, this product, if it comes to market, will be the first such tablet from Motorola since the release of the Droid Xyboard in 2011, although Motorola’s parent company Lenovo has been selling a number of current Android and Windows tablets.

This new Motorola device could finally bring a work-capable Android tablet to market that may be able to rival the iPad Pro or Microsoft’s Surface products.

Assuming that this new mode will work the way we think it will (and admittedly that’s a big assumption) this new Motorola device could finally bring a work-capable Android tablet to market that may be able to rival the iPad Pro or Microsoft’s Surface products. Most Android tablets are designed to watch content, but a “productivity mode” could offer businesses, schools and other customers a way to actually get stuff done on a tablet. This is something that not even Google has been able to do with its own Nexus 9 and Pixel C tablets, so it will be very interesting to see if Motorola can offer its own solution.

In the meantime, what do you think about this leaked slide? Will this future Motorola tablet really offer a better multitasking experience? Let us know what you think in the comments!

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Feel like your privacy has been ‘Trumped’? Here are the best VPN offers we could find

Recent legislation by Trump and Republican Congress rolling back FCC privacy rules have savvy users more concerned about their browsing security than ever before.

In light of that, we prowled the web to find the best VPN service for the price that we could find. The result? Windscribe VPN’s lifetime Pro subscription.

Whereas most VPN services require you to pay month to month, you can get lifetime access to Windscribe VPN for a one-time payment of $ 79. This offer is only lasting a few days, however, so you’ll have to pounce on it.

Legislation may take privacy away from general users, but those with their wits about them can still keep their browsing secure with VPN services.

If you’re looking for slightly more robust protection, PureVPN’s lifetime subscription is also on sale for $ 89. You shell out a little bit more for this better reviewed service, but you’ll have secure, anonymous browsing across all of your devices. 

Not wanting to commit to a lifetime of use? Private Internet Access VPN has a 2-year subscription going for $ 59.95, which is 63% off the usual price of $ 166. This offer is ending quicker than the previous two, so be sure to check it out soon.

Legislation may take privacy away from general users, but those with their wits about them can still keep their browsing secure with VPN services. We hope these selections help you out!

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HTC One M10 could launch as just the HTC 10

htc one a9 review aa (10 of 29)

HTC has gradually been building up the hype for its next flagship smartphone, with a few teasers here and there, and a launch anticipated for some time in early April. In a bid to change things up a little, it also looks like HTC is preparing to drop the “One M” name from its new phone. Perhaps this is a sign of bigger changes heading our way.

According to Evan Blass (aka @evleaks), the next flagship smartphone from the Taiwanese manufacturer will simply be known as the HTC 10. This isn’t the first time that a rumor about a possible name change has popped up either. Furthermore, @OnLeaks has seemingly confirmed the latest rumor, after uploading a screen shot presumably captured from the HTC 10.

If true, the company would be abandoning the naming scheme that it has used for its past three generations of flagship smartphones, as well as moving away from its general One branding that it used for the more mid-tier A9 later last year.

It seems unanimous that HTC needs to switch up its mobile hardware to claw back some of the manufacturer’s previous glory, especially after the One M9 failed to lift the company’s languishing handset sales. With rumors pointing to a redesigned look, top of the line specifications, and a “very, very compelling camera” setup, we are certainly hoping that the HTC 10 can deliver. But what do you think about the new name?

htc one a9 first impressions aa (12 of 45)Read on: HTC One M10 rumor roundup: release date, specs, and features12

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Revolutionary material could cut smartphone display energy consumption

bodle technologie zero power reflective display

Smartphone displays are one of the biggest drainers of our precious battery life but a new breakthrough invention being developed by Bodle Technologies could dramatically cut the amount of juice required by future displays in a wide range of gadgets. Rather than an LCD or OLED based displays, this new reflective display makes use of phase changing materials to reproduce vivid colors while consuming very little power.

The idea is based on the technology used in rewritable DVDs and works by using electronic pulses to change the color of the display’s materials. The material itself doesn’t consume any power, only requiring a brief charge to change its state and color, meaning that the energy needed to power a display in a smartphone or wearable could be cut quite substantially.

“You have to charge smartwatches every night, which is slowing adoption. But if you had a smartwatch or smart glass that didn’t need much power, you could recharge it just once a week.” – Dr Peiman Hosseini, founder of Bodle Technologies

Bodle Technologies is said to be in talks with a number of the world’s largest consumer electronics corporations, although none have been named for legal reasons. The company has also secured a “significant” amount of finance from the Oxford Sciences Innovation fund to boost further development.

“This technology is capable of providing vivid colour displays which appear similar to paper, yet with very high resolution. It is also capable of rendering extremely high-resolution videos that can be seen in bright sunlight.” – Dr Hosseini

As well as smartphones and wearables, this innovation is also thought to be useful for the emerging smart glass market, which is estimated to be worth approximately $ 2 billion by the year 2017. Such technology could be used to block infrared waves to help keep buildings cooler without the need for air-conditioning.

We are still quite a way off from the technology hitting any consumer level products, but it’s another promising innovation that could open up an entire new market for gadgets and beyond.

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New Samsung patent could be further proof of Project Valley, a rumored foldable device

samsung logo x x mwc 2015

A couple of weeks ago, we covered a story on Samsung’s rumored Project Valley, a purported foldable device rumored to be in development behind closed doors. As the rumor went, the project was not a sure-fire candidate for release, and may be scrapped at any time. Today, we have a new patent filing with the USPTO and the schematic looks surprisingly like what one might expect from such a device, apparently a Galaxy Note variant given other pictures’ inclusion of a stylus.

The device described in the patent has two screens and a body that folds in half, and comes across as a design not unlike that which Toshiba used for its final/most-recent Libretto, NEC used for its Medius W, and Sony experimented with for the Tablet P.

Patently Mobile

It’s important to note that a patent filing doesn’t mean anything more than a desire to protect an idea or design that has been created. There is no guarantee this will end up in stores, of even behind the scenes. At the same time, given the rumor from last week, it would certainly seem possible that Samsung is working on a foldable tablet of sorts, at least behind the scenes, and this design more or less represents that.

Would you be interested in the prospects of such a device? Does it actually add anything unique that hasn’t been done before?

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How Nokia Could Return To Dominance – Android Q&A

How Nokia Could Return To Dominance - Android Q&A

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Settlement with Google could be the beginning of the end for Apple’s patent war

iphone 6 plus aa (6 of 15)

According to reports and new court filings, an end to the long running legal battles between Apple and Google, along with various Android handset manufacturers, is finally within reach, just over a year since the mobile patent war escalated.

A federal judge involved in the disputes has agreed to stay a series of lawsuits involving Google, Android manufacturers and the patent consortium named Rockstar, of which Apple is the majority partner. Instead, a final settlement could be agreed upon by the parties as early as December 29th, although neither Apple, Google, nor the court has disclosed the terms or figures proposed in the settlement.

While the courts cannot provide much insight, intellectual property magazine IAM understands that at least five of the companies involved in the Rockstar group are looking for an exit from the cycle of disputes. Reportedly, Rockstar’s management had attempted a well-funded buyout of the dissatisfied parties, but this was rejected as some shareholders did not want to appear to be profiting from the group. As a result, the Rockstar group could instead be wound down, rather than risk being sold to a potential NPE (non-practicing entity or “patent troll”).

The exact cause for the group’s decision remain unclear for now. However, Apple has only scored partial success in its recent lawsuits against Cisco and Time Warner, had a case dismissed against Google last year in the US, came to a truce with Samsung earlier in the year, and now seems to be contradicting itself when lambasting patent trolls. Perhaps the momentum behind these lawsuits is finally running out.

Apple’s shift in patent policy comes as good news for both the industry and consumers, with fewer resources wasted on drawn out court cases and an end to indirect costs being passed on to consumers. Hopefully 2015 will become a year of closer cooperation between the big smartphone businesses and not just between a small selection of Android manufacturers.

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