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Qualcomm 205 Mobile Platform brings 4G to entry-level handsets

Qualcomm has unveiled a new mobile chip for entry-level handsets at a launch event in New Delhi today. The Qualcomm 205 Mobile Platform is designed to bring 4G connectivity to entry-level smartphones and low cost features phones, to keep up with and accelerate demand for faster mobile data in emerging markets.

The 205 SoC comes equipped with a Category 4 LTE modem for peak download speeds of up to 150Mbps and uploads at 50Mbps, with support for dual SIMs too. There’s also Bluetooth 4.1, 802.11 b/g/n WiFi, ANT+, and FM radio support included.

However, unlike the high performance SoCs that we may traditionally associate with Qualcomm, the 205 is designed with maximum power efficiency and low costs in mind. The SoC contains a dual core CPU configuration running at 1.1GHz and is accompanied by an unspecified Adreno GPU that can output a resolution of just 480p at 60fps. Still, Qualcomm states that the processor supports a “Linux based OS”, so presumably a cut down version of Android will run just fine. Qualcomm also mentions that the chip should be able to offer up to 34 days of standby time, 16 hours of voice calls, and 80 hours of music playback when presumably used in a low power feature phone.

“Qualcomm Technologies is committed to the migration of users and networks from 2G, 2.5G,and 3G to 4G … Feature phones are a lifeline in many emerging countries and the Qualcomm 205 Mobile Platform allows us to bring 4G connectivity and services to the masses with devices at price points never seen before.”  –  Kedar Kondap, vice president, product management, Qualcomm

Importantly, the chip is pin compatible with Qualcomm’s existing entry level Snapdragon 210 and 212, giving manufacturers a cost effective and convenient solution to incorporate the 205 with existing designs and technology.

According to research from IDC, feature phones remain in high demand in many countries, with 56 percent of users opting for one over a smartphone in India during 2016, and 49 percent in Vietnam. However, India’s 4G capable phone shipments are expected to accelerate from 55 percent this year to 90 percent in 2020, as consumers continue to be driven towards social media, consuming news online, making video calls, and streaming video. With the 205 SoC, Qualcomm is looking to enable local manufacturers to build these 4G devices at cost effective price points.

The Qualcomm 205 Mobile Platform is expected to appear in its first devices come the second quarter of 2017.


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Google Calculator update brings an option to view calculation history

If you’re using Google’s stock calculator app for one reason or another, you’ll be glad to hear that the much-needed option to view your calculation history is finally here!

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September 6, 2016

I stopped using Google’s calculator app some time ago because although it’s nice and simple, I couldn’t see my previous calculations. As trivial as that may sound, it can actually be quite inconvenient when you are doing a chain of calculations, and say you make a mistake along the way and need to go back a few steps.

Well, it seems like with version 7.2, Google is finally bringing that feature to its calculator app. You can now tap the three-dot menu icon in the upper right corner of the app and select “History” to access your previous calculations. Not unlike some third-party calculator apps, you can also simple drag the calculator pad down to see your history. If you want to clear your calculation history, click the menu icon again and then select “Clear”: there will be a pop-up message confirming your action.

You can now tap the three-dot menu icon in the upper right corner of the app and select “History” to access your previous calculations.

Though I’m glad Google has at last brought this feature with the latest update, I still somewhat prefer Samsung’s approach where nothing is hidden under the menu. The “History” button is right there on top of the number pad, and selecting it brings a sliding window that shows all your calculations with an option to clear at the bottom. It’s more intuitive, at least in my opinion.

If you want to try out Google’s calculator app with the new feature, you can download the APK and sideload it yourself since it looks like the update is not yet available in the Play Store.

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Textra brings Android 6.0.1 emoji to KitKat and Lollipop devices

emoji1-1 Ars Technica

Textra, alternatively known as “the best text message app that there is” or alternatively “God’s gift to the Android operating system,” is bringing Marshmallow’s trove of brand spanking new emoji to those of us who haven’t had the luxury of upgrading to Android 6.0.1 yet. Moreover, they’re also adding diversity options so that you can make those little Simpson-esque yellow figures more accurately reflect the color of your skin.

Even without the update, this text messaging app brings a lot to the table including Lollipop-style Material Design and a slew of customization options. The app is lightweight, and flexible, and although it has ads, a $ 3 upgrade to professional is some of the best money you’ll ever spend on a mobile app.

The update hasn’t hit the Google Play Store quite yet, but if you’re anxious to get your hands on it, Textra tweeted a link to the apk:

With the added emoji, the number of little emoticons available at your fingertips has exploded to over 1600. Soon you’ll be able to walk like an Egyption through the mobile world, communicating exclusively in hieroglyphics to convey even the most complex thoughts to your friends and families.

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What are your thoughts of Textra? If you disagree with my hyperbolic praise in the first paragraph, let us know which texting app you prefer and why in the comments!

Get it in the Play Store
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Plex version 4.0 update brings a revamped UI, increased access to Android TV and more


Plex, the popular media server application, has just received a major update on Android. Version 4.0 brings a revamped user interface with Material Design enhancements, support for Plex Home, and increased access to Android TV.

The first big change you’ll notice upon launching the app is a redesigned interface and a completely redone home screen. The redesign brings the app closer to Plex’s new modern interface which makes server selection and content discovery much easier.

The Plex team has also added in full support for Plex Home, which makes it easier to switch between users in your Home and protect your account with a PIN. Additionally, Android TV access is getting expanded to more users. In the past, the Android TV interface was only available to those who subscribed to a Plex Pass, but now if you’d like to use the interface, you’ll be able to pay a one-time in-app purchase to get access.

If you’re interested, here’s the full changelog for the 4.0 update:

  • Redesigned home dashboard.
  • Plex Home support for managed users and fast user switching.
  • Don’t require activation when playing media flung from other devices.
  • [Android TV] App can now be activated with a Plex Pass enabled account -OR- an in-app purchase.
  • Fix crash when selecting the ‘already paid’ option on the welcome screen.
  • Fix crash scrolling on the home screen immediately after a pull-to-refresh operation.

If you have yet to grab the update, be sure to head to the Play Store link below.

Get it on Google Play

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Titanium Backup update brings Lollipop support

titanium backup

If you are the proud owner of a rooted Android phone or tablet, then there’s a very good chance that you’ve heard of Titanium Backup. This backup/restore (and that’s putting it lightly) application is so good at what it does, that many people root their devices just to have Titanium support. Luckily for those that have rooted devices running Android L, the latest Titanium Backup update has brought support for Android 5.0.

The update brings Titanium Backup to version 6.2, and contains the following updates:

  • Added initial support for Android 5.0 Lollipop.
  • Fixed “force close” feature not working in some rare cases.
  • Fixed possible FC when syncing back from Google Drive (server-side bug).
  • Updated specific data exclusion for Google Play Newsstand (Magazines).
  • Updated translations.

While only a handful of Android Lollipop devices can be rooted, it’s certainly good to see the Titanium Track team on the ball with keeping their application updated. The Android L powered Nexus 9 tablet recently was added to the “You have been rooted” list, and we expect to see other devices running Lollipop on that list very soon. When that happens, remember that Titanium Backup is already up and ready to go.

For those that have always wondered about Titanium Backup but have never used it, we have a great guide that walks you through using the app here.

The app/update can be downloaded via Google Play.

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Montblanc brings ultra-expensive styluses and covers to the Note 4

While the default S-Pen is already amazing on the Note 4, what if you want something a bit more stylish and premium? Thanks to a new collaboration between Samsung and Montblanc, your wish is granted — provided you have the spare dough needed to afford it.

As you may already know, Monblanc is well known in the writing instrument industry, with a history that goes back as far as 1906. Through their partnership with Samsung, Montblanc is bringing this high-end craftsmanship over to the Note series through multiple new writing instruments starting at the lower end with the $ 350 Pix (Rollerball) Basic and as high as $ 1,200 for the StarWalker Ultimate Carbon model.


While obviously that’s a lot to ask for a “stylus”, for business people looking to stand out, it could still be more than worth the money. It’s also worth noting that these writing tools don’t just let your write on the Note 4’s display, they also double as a tool for writing on paper thanks to a removable ink cartridge.


In addition to writing tools, Montblanc also has produced a number of premium Note 4 covers. These covers are not only designed not only with style in mind but they also include a unique digital ID chip that connects to the Note 4 and gives owners access to special digital Mountblanc content. As you can imagine, these covers aren’t exactly cheap either, with the Mountblanc Extreme setting folks back $ 245.

What do you think, could you see yourself paying these crazy high prices to bring a little extra style to the Note 4?

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Google Earth update brings new 3D rendering tech and a few other tweaks


It’s Update Wednesday and while the most exciting thing to come from Google is the new Inbox from Gmail app, Google is also rolling out a new Google Earth update that includes new 3D rendering tech and a few other tweaks.

In their blog post, Google says that 3D images will now look much better and that users will see ““faster, smoother, and crisper transitions as you’re zooming into your dream destination in Google Earth. Thanks to a new 3D rendering technology—the first major 3D overhaul since Earth launched more than 10 years ago—sharper views of mountains and cities are just a virtual skydive away.” In addition, Google will give updates the same time as Google Maps basemaps from now on, meaning faster updates for Google Earth.

While the new 3D rendering tech and faster updates are the biggest changes,Google also mentions roads will be getting nicer labels, Google Earth can now open KML files directly, and you can also expect the typical bug fixes that come with these sorts of updates.

The latest version of Google Earth will start rolling out to Google Play over the next fews, though we’ll be sure to update his post if we manage to get our hands on an APK ahead of the full rollout. For those that have already received the update, what do you think of the changes?

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